Chapter 607: Departure: An Increase In Strength (3)

    Chapter 607: Departure: An Increase In Strength (3)

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    So, with the Black Cloud Auction's intervention, they had not been able to carry out their plans out in the open. However, that does not mean that they would let the Murong family off so easily! Hence, many organizations secretly formed an alliance to attack the Murong family's business on the sly. They would even frequently send a few ruffians to cause trouble for them.

    Because this matter was far too minuscule, coupled with the fact that the troublemakers would always disappear after finishing the job, the Murong family had no proof that the Yeh family was behind all of this. As such, the Murong family had no choice but to suffer in silence.


    At this moment, in the forest outside Black Rock City, a group of men dressed in the Murong family guard uniform was pushing a horse-drawn cart forward. They walked as quickly as they could. One of the guards, a young man, wiped the sweat from his brow and sighed, "We'll be reaching Black Rock City soon. Hopefully, nothing will happen."

    Over the past few days, business for the Murong family has become increasingly difficult. Therefore, the Master had sent them to the North Sea far away to collect these precious herbs. They were also hoping that these herbs will help save the Murong family.

    Should anything happen to these herbs, the Murong family will be finished!

    "Let's hurry, we'll be safe once we reach the city."

    The young man unconsciously quickened his pace as the surroundings along this road have made them all very tired. They had all been gradually losing physical strength but Black Rock City was within their sights. So, no matter what, they could not rest here.


    Suddenly the sound of movement could be heard from some nearby bushes.

    The young man's face changed greatly as he quickly pulled out his sword and stared at his surroundings in total vigilance.

    Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

    In that instant, countless brutes wielding large knives jumped out from behind the bushes and surrounded the cart.

    From the group, a man with a scar from a knife wound emerged to stand at the front of the group. He burst into laughter and exclaimed arrogantly, "This area belongs to the Wolf's Fang Robbers. If you wish to pass, hand over everything in that cart! Perhaps I'll even leave you with a whole corpse."

    "We're finished."

    The young man's face drained of color once he heard that name. His face now showed dejection and hopelessness.

    He never thought that the Wolf's Fang Robbers would find out about their movements and intercept them right outside of Black Rock City.

    They could see that the city gates were very close by but they would not be able to enter it.

    "Boss, we're rich now. These are rare herbs which are valued at the thousands. If we bring these back to the Leader, he will certainly reward us generously."

    One robber, who was examining the contents in the cart, began to try to curry favor with the man with the scar. It seems that our contact was telling the truth, the Murong family is indeed transporting high-quality herbs back to the city.

    "Take this cart back and send it as an offering to the Leader." The man with the scar waved his hand and sneered, "As for the rest, in order to prevent this from ever getting out, kill them all."


    Once the order was issued, the members of the Murong family turned very pale in the face. This time, not only had they lost the herbs, they would not be able to even guarantee their own lives.

    "Group leader, what should we do?"

    What should we do?

    As he heard the question from the person behind him, the young man laughed bitterly, "I don't know how the Wolf's Fang Robbers had managed to get this piece of information and found out that we would arrive in this very spot today. I have no other ideas. All we can do now is pray to the gods and hope that they send a deity to protect us..."

    Everyone's faces grew uglier and uglier as they watched the approaching Wolf's Fang Robbers.

    However, just as the young man spoke, a sharp aura came whirling towards them from the back. This was followed by a scorching flame which surrounded the Wolf's Fang Robbers!
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