Chapter 610: Creating A Stir In Black Rock City (2)

    Chapter 610: Creating A Stir In Black Rock City (2)

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    A strong attack crashed into Gu Ruoyun's body. However, she did not even move a muscle. Dressed in green robes, she stood firmly like a tall bamboo tree as the calm glow of the setting sun shone upon her dusty, delicate features. Moments later, a slight change appeared on everyone's face.

    As a low-level Martial Honor, the Second-in-command had not been able to kill this woman with one blow!

    Furthermore, she had not even budged from the attack!

    She stood strong as if she had been nailed to the ground and had not moved a single inch!

    "A low-level Martial Honor?" Gu Ruoyun smiled calmly and looked at the man with the side whiskers, who now had an ugly look on his face. She spoke at a leisurely pace, "My apologies, I think your powers are too weak. Perhaps you should all come at me at once. I have no interest in facing you alone."


    In that instant, the aura from Gu Ruoyun's body rose, creating a storm in the sky.

    "A Martial Honor!!!"

    The man with the side whiskers had initially looked at Gu Ruoyun with disdain. However, when he felt the power which erupted from the young woman, he was completely astounded. His wide eyes made it seem like he was looking at something inconceivable as he fixed his gaze upon her fluttering green robes.

    "Impossible! How could you possibly have broken through to become a low-level Martial Honor in such a short time? That's definitely impossible!"

    After all, just a year ago, the man with the side whiskers had sensed that she was only a Martial Emperor.

    Nevertheless, in the space of a year, she had actually broken through to the rank of a Martial Honor!

    What on earth had she been doing in that Tomb for over a year? How was it that her powers have increased so much in such a short time?

    A hint of greed flashed across the man with the side whiskers' eyes. To him, Gu Ruoyun must have obtained some sort of treasure in the Tomb which was how she had managed to shoot up so quickly in power. If he could obtain this treasure, his breakthrough rate would not be slower than Gu Ruoyun's!

    "Guards, surround this woman!"

    His loud bellow immediately pulled everyone back to their senses. They promptly circled around Gu Ruoyun, drawing their weapons and pointing them at her.

    Gu Ruoyun's expression did not change at all. Her features were as calm as the surface of a lake.

    The man with the side whiskers simply could not understand it.  Even though she has already broken through to the rank of a Martial Honor, she would still be no match for the Wolf's Fang Robbers. How can she be so calm and composed as she delivers herself to the jaws of death?

    "Gu Ruoyun, I know you must have found some sort of treasure in the Tomb of the Supreme Ruler. Hand over the treasure immediately and perhaps I might even show you mercy and spare your life." The man with the side whiskers commanded with a domineering voice before laughing coldly as he stared at Gu Ruoyun who was now surrounded.

    Gu Ruoyun did not respond. Her gaze pierced through the crowd and stared straight at the scholarly-looking man.

    "I can give you all a choice; serve me, or... Die!"

    As he realized that his opponent had not acknowledged him at all, the man with the side whiskers flew into a terrible rage. He shot Gu Ruoyun an angry glare before speaking coldly, "Just who do you think you are that the Wolf's Fang Robbers should serve you? Leader, allow me to kill this woman now."

    Earlier on, I had not used even half of my true power. That was why I couldn't kill her.

    Even though this woman has broken through to the rank of a Martial Honor in the Tomb, this had only occurred in the time frame of one year. I've been a Martial Honor for many years now. Simply because of this, I cannot be compared with Gu Ruoyun who had just had her breakthrough.

    "Woman, you had the audacity to come here and cause trouble. Hence, you shall achieve enlightenment in death!"

    The man with the side whiskers raised his great sword and, in a flash, appeared right in front of Gu Ruoyun.

    One should not judge him by his stocky build; a thinner man would not have been able to match his speed. He was as swift as the wind.


    Gu Ruoyun calmly looked at him before her thin lips parted and spoke in a sharp voice, "Scram!"
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