Chapter 612: Creating A Stir In Black Rock City (4)

    Chapter 612: Creating A Stir In Black Rock City (4)

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    "A weapon spirit? She has actually managed to obtain a weapon spirit!"

    It was common knowledge that a spiritual weapon without a weapon spirit could not really be considered as a full-fledged spiritual weapon.

    Besides, weapon spirits will never choose to reside in a low-class spiritual weapon. Only a high-class spiritual weapon can house a weapon spirit.

    Nevertheless, this means that this woman also possesses a high-class spiritual weapon!

    "This must have been one of the treasures from the Tomb!"

    The man with the side whiskers stared greedily at the sword in Gu Ruoyun's hand. If I can take that sword for myself, my increase in power would definitely not be limited to only a small increment.

    The man with the side whiskers became overcome with greed. He no longer cared about anything else and scrambled to his feet before charging towards Gu Ruoyun.

    Gu Ruoyun's attention had been focused on the scholarly-looking man in front of her from the very beginning. She seemed to not notice the man with side whiskers who was charging towards her.

    As the distance between him and the woman became smaller, the man with the side whiskers raised his large sword and swung it fiercely at Gu Ruoyun's head. In his mind, he could almost see the woman lying in a pool of her own blood in front of him while the spiritual weapon in her hand was then transferred to him...


    Suddenly, a pair of eyes seemed to glow in Gu Ruoyun's sword. The pale dragon charged out of the sword once again. It opened its mouth wide and aimed it directly towards the man with the side whiskers' head.

    Even though the pale dragon had appeared in the form of a transparent spirit, it still managed to bite the man with the side whiskers' head and blood began to pour from the wound. It gushed like a bloody fountain all the way to the ground and dyed the dirt a bloody red color.

    This was the price of greed!

    Gu Ruoyun gently stroked the sword in her hand as she stared calmly back at the scholarly-looking man, "Back in the tomb, you had chastised me with such a cold, self-righteous voice as someone who had refused to help a dying man. In all these years, how many people have been slaughtered by the Wolf's Fang Robbers? If I had not happened to pass by on my way here, I'm afraid those disciples of the Murong family would not have been able to escape death."

    The scholarly-looking man crawled to his feet in a sorry manner and sneered, "That was because they deserved to die! On this mainland, only the strong would have a say! I had chastised you because, at that time, I was more powerful than you and the Yeh family were my people. You had folded your arms and watched a Yeh family member die, how could I not have chastised you?"

    "As for the Murong family..." The scholar smiled, "If they aren't strong enough, someone else would go against them even if I don't kill them myself. These are the living conditions in the Banished Lands, you and I are a very good example of this! Now, I'm unable to defeat you and if you wish to kill me or carve the flesh from my bones, I will comply. However, if you want me to serve you, that would be impossible! Of course, if you were weaker than I am, I would certainly kill you immediately."

    Only the strong are revered and power always comes first!

    Anyone whose fist was strong enough, their word would become law. Even if it was a shameless decree, many would blindly follow them!

    "Since you've put it that way, how can I not kill you now?" Gu Ruoyun slowly raised the sword in her hand and stared coldly at the battered and exhausted scholarly-looking man, "Don't worry, I won't spare a single disciple of the Wolf's Fang Robbers'! Honestly speaking, initially, I had nothing against the Wolf's Fang Robbers. It's too bad for you that you've allied yourselves with the wrong people."

    The scholarly-looking man shivered and slowly closed his eyes. Ever since he had laid eyes upon the weapon spirit, he had known that he would lose this battle!

    And it would be a brutal loss!


    Just as the scholarly-looking man closed his eyes, a brilliant white light flashed from within the sword. This was followed by a large body and a loud roar which crashed into the scholarly-looking man. His body was immediately flung far away and his mouth overflowed with blood - that one blow had broken every bone in his body.

    Gu Ruoyun slowly approached the scholarly-looking man and patted him down before fishing out a scroll and nodding, "This is indeed a pill formula. My efforts have certainly not been in vain."
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