Chapter 613: Creating A Stir In Black Rock City (5)

    Chapter 613: Creating A Stir In Black Rock City (5)

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    This pill formula was the very same one which had been obtained by the Wolf's Fang Robbers during the Black Cloud Auction. Seizing the opportunity, Gu Ruoyun now claimed it as her own.

    "You..." The scholarly-looking man clenched his fist as his eyes spat fire.

    So, her true purpose had been to obtain the pill formula!

    "From now on, the Wolf's Fang Robbers shall cease to exist in this world." Gu Ruoyun looked indifferently at the scholarly-looking man behind her before slowly turning to descend the summit, "This great summit will also disappear from the world."

    Instantly, endless flames rose from behind her, forming a fiery wall which surrounded everyone in sight.

    One could hear their shrieks of pure agony from far away, not a single person had been able to step out from the wall of flames...

    Today, the infamous Wolf's Fang Robbers of Black Rock City had been purged from the Banished Lands!

    "Such a young low-level Martial Honor, the skies of this mainland are certainly changing."

    At this moment, up in the air and concealed by an old tree, Ye Lan gently raised his brow and stared in admiration at the young girl in green who was descending the mountain, "Such an exceptionally talented young person... I fear that Nuo'er might not ever be able to match up to the likes of her."

    Especially since this girl also holds a high-class spiritual weapon in her hands!

    Could it be that the spiritual weapon which had been sold for a sky-high high price back at the auction one year ago had something to do with her?

    Ye Lan's smiled grew more pronounced at the thought of this.  Perhaps if Nuo'er continues to follow this little girl, it will bring him great fortune.

    "I never thought that I would stumble upon this scene today just as I was passing by. I'm certain that that old man, Yun Luo would not believe me when I tell him this."

    A twenty-year-old Martial Honor!

    Who would believe this if it gets out?

    Yet, I've met such a person!

    "It seems that I'll have to make a trip to Black Rock City. This time, I've been away for almost a month. That child, Ye Nuo, had not stopped thinking about this little girl so he had not been willing to leave at all. Now that this little girl has returned, perhaps I can take him home now." Ye Lan watched Gu Ruoyun as she disappeared and mumbled to himself, "However, knowing her attitude, this Gu girl will definitely cause a stir in Black Rock City. I should go and add some fuel to the fire, consider this as my way of giving her a helping hand."


    Just as Gu Ruoyun was rapidly approaching Black Rock City, the whole of Black Rock City was already bursting with fervent discussions.

    The fight which had taken place at the summit was so sensational that it had attracted many powerful cultivators. Amongst them were cultivators from Black Rock City! Some of them had even met Gu Ruoyun before so this news soon reached the ears of their respective families as they each reported back to their Masters!

    Some who had been unable to ascend the summit immediately understood what was going on as soon as they saw the girl in green walking out from the flames! Hence, everyone hurriedly discarded all responsibilities and returned to Black Rock City and spread the news - they did not even stop along the way.

    As such, the whole of Black Rock City dove into a sensation.

    Who were the Wolf's Fang Robbers?

    The Leader had reached the rank of a high-level Martial Honor while the Second-in-command was a Martial Honor as well. They also had countless Martial Emperors! Even the Three Great Authorities of Black Rock City finds it difficult to deal with them.

    Yet, an organization like this had been annihilated by a single young woman?

    Everyone was shocked. Some even refused to believe the news reported by their own disciples until members of the Black Cloud Auction stepped in to verify the incident. Then, they were all forced to believe it!

    Of course, compared to the shock in the other organizations, the Yeh family was the first to grow terrified!

    After all, if not for the support of the Wolf's Fang Robbers, why else would the Yeh family have been so daring?
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