Chapter 614: Creating A Stir In Black Rock City (6)

    Chapter 614: Creating A Stir In Black Rock City (6)

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    Now that the Wolf's Fang Robbers had been destroyed, where would they find the bravado to threaten their enemies?

    Therefore, once the news had reached his ears, Yeh Luo immediately went into a daze. Perhaps he never could have imagined, not even in his wildest dreams, that the lone Gu Ruoyun would have ended up destroying the Wolf's Fang Robbers!

    In contrast, the other organizations who had aided the Yeh family in numerous things had not done so willingly. They hurriedly discarded the Yeh family and quickly held a family meeting to decide on the best possible way to ask for the Murong family's forgiveness.

    Meanwhile, at the same time, the Three Great Authorities who had kept quiet throughout this one year finally made their move.

    Upon receiving the information, Mei Xue, who was in the middle of a lovemaking session with one of her male concubines, immediately left her most beloved man behind and flew out the door. She did not even manage to put her clothes back on properly. Her expression has changed from one full of charm to utter shock.

    "What did you just say? Gu Ruoyun has returned and not only has she broken through to the rank of a Martial Honor, she has stormed the great summit and annihilated the Wolf's Fang Robbers?"

    This... Is this a f*cking joke?

    She was on her own, how could she have destroyed the Wolf's Fang Robbers?

    "Lord Mei Xue, every word I've said is true. One of the members of our household saw her descending the mountain with his own eyes. There's no mistake."


    Mei Xue's expression changed greatly as her eyes darted back and forth. Finally, she took a deep breath and said, "The winds in Black Rock City are changing. Servants, prepare gifts. I will be paying the Murong family a visit."

    Thank goodness. Thank goodness that there were no disputes between the Murong family and us. I've even rendered them some help. Because of this, Gu Ruoyun probably would not forget the Mei family.

    Meanwhile, at the greatest underground organization of Black Rock City, Hei Bao stared coldly at the informants standing below him.

    "Any movements from Mei Xue and Mo Liyou?"

    "In regards to your question, Boss, Lord Mei Xue is already making her way towards the Murong family home. As for Master Mo, it seems that he hasn't done anything yet."

    Hearing this, Hei Bao grew silent.

    Over the course of this one year, they have all seen everything that the other organizations have done to the Murong family yet they had considered it as a good show to watch. They had not stepped in. After all, they had not placed any importance on the small Murong family. Now, with the abnormal Gu Ruoyun in play, everything has changed.

    Even the Three Great Authorities would be no match for her.

    Hei Bao paused and muttered to himself at the thought of this. He then said, "Come, let's pay the Murong family a visit. We'll meet up with Mei Xue there."

    "Yes, Boss!"

    Hearing the order, the man kneeling on the ground rose to his feet and followed Hei Bao out the door.

    At the Mo family home.

    Mo Liyou sat in his wheelchair in the flower garden with a shallow smile playing on his sickly, pale but handsome face. When he heard his subordinate's news, his finger, which was gently stroking a rose, trembled slightly. He did not even notice that a thorn had pierced the back of his hand as a glint flashed across his eyes. No one could tell what he was thinking.

    "I understand. You may go now."

    After a long pause, the servant regained his senses and spoke calmly.

    "As you wish, Master."

    Then, the servant from the Mo family took his leave, leaving Mo Liyou all alone in the large garden filled with flowers.

    "I had known that you wouldn't die so easily."

    Mo Liyou smiled and his face held a mysterious light.

    "However, I never would have thought that you would reemerge so quickly. Furthermore, you've brought such a huge shock upon your return. It seems that I've underestimated you."
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