Chapter 615: Unifying Black Rock City (1)

    Chapter 615: Unifying Black Rock City (1)

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    Gu Ruoyun had just set foot in Black Rock City when she felt the strange stares from the eyes of every citizen upon her. She wrinkled her brow but she did not think too much of it. Instead, she headed straight for the Murong family home.

    She did not know that every family has sent out pictures of her likeness to the public. They were deathly afraid that any family who did not recognize her would provoke this murderous god in their ignorance! Even the Wolf's Fang Robbers were instantly annihilated by this murderous god. So if she wished to destroy them, it would only be too easy.

    As such, everyone could not help but step aside when they saw that distinctive flash of green robes and looked back at her with either longing or terror...

    At this moment, the Murong family had also received the news. They were all lined up outside the door with eyes brimming with hope to welcome her return.

    Therefore, the instant when Gu Ruoyun stepped into the Murong family home, a figure charged quickly towards her and a soft little body threw itself into Gu Ruoyun's arms with a smile brighter than the sun.

    "Bodyguard Gu, I knew you'd be alright!"

    Ye Nuo blinked his glistening, starry eyes and giggled at the woman before him.

    "What are you all doing here?" Gu Ruoyun raised her eyebrows and turned towards the Murong family members who were standing at the doorway. Her voice was filled with astonishment.

    "Eldest Lady, so it's true. You're alright."

    Master Murong's elderly eyes glistened with tears of gratitude. Only the Heavens knows how much the Murong family have had to endure in Gu Ruoyun's absence. If it had not been for the Black Cloud Auction who had stood up for them, the Murong family might have already been wiped out from Black Rock City.

    "I thought that you..."

    "Damned old man, you shut your mouth!" Ye Nuo shot Master Murong an irritated glare and scoffed defiantly, "If it had not been for the sake of Bodyguard Gu, I would have made your anus explode long ago simply for cursing her for an entire year!"

    To Ye Nuo, as long as these people considered her to be dead, they were cursing her!

    Look at her, she was clearly alive and well. Why had all these people insisted that she was dead?

    "Let's go inside first. I have some things to discuss with you."

    "Yes, Eldest Lady."

    Master Murong wiped the tears from the corner of his eye and quickly followed Gu Ruoyun back inside.

    Murong Yan stared at the disappearing figure and tried to say something, only to remain at a loss for words in the end.


    In the hall, Gu Ruoyun took large strides towards the Master's seat and turned towards each and every person who had followed closely behind. She slowly opened her mouth and spoke, "Thank you all for your troubles in the past year."

    Along the way, she had heard of what had happened to the Murong family during this past year. Even with the help of the Black Cloud Auction, which stopped the other organizations from doing anything drastic to the Murong family, it was only a surface protection. The Black Cloud Auction could not prevent anything else to be done clandestinely.

    However, everything which the Murong family has had to endure was because she had dragged them down with her. If it had not been for her actions, those organizations would not have directed their ire towards the Murong family in her absence.

    "Eldest Lady, that's nothing much." Master Murong shook his head and replied excitedly, "As long as you've returned, it is enough."

    "Mmm." Gu Ruoyun nodded gently, "Ah, right. About the holy spirit fruit which we had found in the tomb, you can now distribute them to every Martial King disciple in the Murong family. I also have another pill which can help Martial Kings to move one level up. You may distribute them along with the holy spirit fruit to the disciples. If you combine the pill and the holy spirit fruit, you can at least help the Martial Kings to improve up to two levels."
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