Chapter 619: Unifying Black Rock City (5)

    Chapter 619: Unifying Black Rock City (5)

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    Even though Gu Ruoyun has set her sights on unifying Black Rock City, this was completely different from Mo Liyou making decisions on his own!

    Furthermore, the Mo Liyou now was not quite like his usual sickly self. Master Murong refused to believe that he was simply giving the Mo family away with no ill intentions whatsoever!

    "Master Mo, we'll discuss your proposal after this." Gu Ruoyun slowly came to her senses and swept a cold gaze across everyone in the crowd. Then, she spoke again in a calm voice, "This time, I've gathered all of you here because I have an announcement to make! I want every organization in Black Rock City to be placed under the Murong family's rule!"

    She wants every organization in Black Rock City to be placed under the Murong family's rule? That means that she intends to unify Black Rock City?

    How savage does one have to be to spout such a declaration?

    Perhaps not even the Three Great Authorities have ever thought of unifying the whole of Black Rock City!

    "Haha, Gu Ruoyun. Your fox's tail is finally showing itself!" Yeh Luo burst into laughter and rose to his feet. He glared at Gu Ruoyun with eyes filled with hatred and rage, "This has been your goal all along, what talk about single-handedly annihilating the Wolf's Fang Robbers! I had been initially blinded by you and had nearly fallen for your deceit. How could you possibly have single-handedly destroyed the Wolf's Fang Robbers? You must have happened to pass by and then took the credit for some other powerful cultivator's work. In all my years on this earth, I've never met anyone as shameless as you!"

    To him, Gu Ruoyun had orchestrated this on purpose in order to unify Black Rock City!

    She wants the world to think that she had single-handedly destroyed the Wolf's Fang Robbers as a means to frighten the other organizations into serving her.

    This woman clearly knows how to scheme!

    Yeh Luo gritted his teeth hatefully and clenched his fists so tightly that they made a rumbling sound, "Let me tell you this, as long as I'm around, don't think that you'll be able to get away with your schemes. I will never allow the people of Black Rock City to be deceived by you!"

    As Yeh Luo was speaking, the crowd whispered to one another but no one stepped forward to support him.

    Perhaps if this had been some simple rumor from the streets, they would not have believed it either. However, even the Black Cloud Auction had stepped in to verify this matter. Knowing the position of the Black Cloud Auction in the plains, they would never confirm anything which was not true.

    Unfortunately, Yeh Luo's thirst for revenge has now muddled his brain. Hence, he had not thought of this point at all.

    "Master Murong."

    Gu Ruoyun calmly raised an eyebrow and spoke.

    Master Murong understood her summons and immediately gave the order, "Servants, pour the tea for your guests."

    Step, step, step!

    Just as Master Murong spoke, a wave of crisp and tidy footsteps sounded from the back.

    In the beginning, Yeh Luo did not think much of it and he sneered as he turned to look out the door. However, once he saw the figures entering the room, he went into a daze.

    With Elder Er in the lead, a large group of people dressed in the Murong family attire walked into the drawing room.

    If that had been the only thing, it would not have been much to shout about. The thing was, these people did not conceal the aura from their body at all. The strong wave of their aura completely stupified everyone in the room

    Martial Emperors?

    And there are ten of them?

    The initially low-level Martial Emperor, Elder Er, has now broken through to a mid-level Martial Emperor?

    In order to conceal the Murong family's sudden rise in power from the organizations of Black Rock City, they had all had their breakthroughs in an underground chamber to cover up the storm which comes with one's breakthrough to a Martial Emperor. As such, everyone was completely taken aback by the Murong family's display of power.
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