Chapter 620: Unifying Black Rock City (6)

    Chapter 620: Unifying Black Rock City (6)

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    In contrast to the shock on everyone else's face, Yeh Luo's expression was an entertaining sight. His elderly complexion changed from green to white, then from white to green before finally settling into a dusty grey hue.

    He simply had not expected the Murong family to achieve such great military prowess.

    If these people had been someone else, perhaps his mind would be racing to find out where the Murong family could have found such powerful cultivators. Now, the ones before him were indisputable all his acquaintances! If his memory serves him correctly, before this, a large portion of these people were still low-level Martial Kings.

    Yet now, they have all broken through to the rank of high-level Martial Kings?

    Yeh Luo's breathing grew uneven as he stared at the group of people who had just entered the great hall with an ugly look on his face. In the past, he would have said something out of mockery to Master Murong but now, he could not speak at all. He could only glare coldly and maliciously at the group.

    "Good heavens, so many high-level Martial Kings and a substantial number of Martial Emperors. When had the Murong family become so powerful?"


    Everyone returned to their senses and stared in shock at Murong Yan and the rest as they mentally weighed the circumstances.

    Previously, they might have feared Gu Ruoyun but it was because they had believed in the rumors but not witnessed it with their own eyes. At this moment, as they stared at the Murong family's great military prowess, their hearts sank.

    Serving the Murong family? That's like surrendering your entire family, won't that mean destroying hundreds of years of our family estate?

    Gu Ruoyun was not too anxious. She maintained a calm smile on her face and quietly sipped the tea in her hands.

    "Mei Xue, Hei Bao, what do you both think?"

    After a long pause, she put the cup down and curled her lips into a smile before turning her gaze towards Mei Xue and Hei Bao.

    No one actually found this peculiar but Mei Xue and Hei Bao, who were both under Gu Ruoyun's scrutiny, trembled. Their faces drained of color as they looked back at Gu Ruoyun who looked as calm as a bright and breezy day.

    The woman smiled engagingly and stroked the edge of her teacup with one finger. She spoke casually.

    "I wonder if Master Mei and Boss Hei Bao could be a part of the Murong family? Of course, as the original great authorities of Black Rock City, I will not treat you unjustly. Furthermore, I can promise you that the Murong family will not control any matters concerning your own families. Aside from your fealty, everything else will be business as usual and there will be no peculiarities. You may both take some time to consider this."


    Just as Gu Ruoyun finished speaking, all eyes fell upon Mei Xue and Hei Bao.

    Generally speaking, just because Gu Ruoyun had successfully destroyed the Wolf's Fang Robbers, that did not mean that she could make two Martial Honors like herself agree to submission. After all, the Wolf's Fang Robbers had once plotted to take over Black Rock City but were unsuccessful!

    "Gu Ruoyun, who do you think you are!" Yeh Luo was managed to recompose his state of mind and scoffed coldly, "You think too highly of yourself! How could powerful people like Lord Mei Xue and Lord Hei Bao serve a woman like you? Don't think that just because you've helped these people increase their powers, the Murong family would be on par with the Three Great Authorities of Black Rock City! You're simply no match for Lord Mei Xue and Lord Hei Bao."

    To Yeh Luo, the person responsible for the destruction of the Wolf's Fang Robbers must be a strong cultivator who just happened to pass by. It could not possibly be this young woman.

    "One more thing, the things which you had used to help them increase their power must be the treasures that you've found in the Tomb. Those treasures do not belong to you alone, they should be shared out amongst the rest of us, so hand them over now! There are so many great powers in Black Rock City, why should we fear you?"
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