Chapter 621: Unifying Black Rock City (7)

    Chapter 621: Unifying Black Rock City (7)

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    In such a large place like the Tomb of the Supreme Ruler, it's not possible that there would be no treasures to be found at all. Since none of us had managed to find  a single piece of treasure, this woman must have taken them all for herself!

    This made Yeh Luo feel a little off balance.

    Especially after he saw the Murong family's current level of strength.

    If we had been given a share of those treasures, perhaps the Yeh family's power would have increased as well!

    No! How can the idiots in the Murong family be compared to the talented and superior Yeh family members? With treasures like these, I can make every Martial King in the Yeh family into Martial Emperors. By then, I will be the greatest next to the Three Great Authorities!

    Mei Xue swept her gaze towards Yeh Luo and a cold smile appeared on her charming face.

    That idiot, he still can't grasp the situation at all! He still dares to act with such arrogance in a place like this, is he tired of living?

    "Lady Gu, will you keep your word that you would not interfere in our matters at all?"

    She turned towards Gu Ruoyun and asked in a serious manner.

    Gu Ruoyun nodded, "This I can promise you. My purpose in unifying Black Rock City was not because I only want you all to follow my orders without question, but to have you all send aid in my time of need even if we're a thousand miles apart!"

    She has no intention of staying long in the Banished Lands.

    Once I have obtained a Hell's Lotus, I will leave this place!

    Also, the reason for me to build my own organization is to have a bigger force to search for the Hell's Lotus.

    There was no other reason besides this.


    Mei Xue took a deep breath, "I, Mei Xue, pay my respect to you, Master!"

    She joined her fists and knelt on the ground as she spoke. Her voice has changed from its usual seductive character to one of respect.

    "Since Mo Liyou and Mei Xue have agreed to serve you, I, Hei Bao, have nothing more to say." Hei Bao broke out in laughter, "I, Hei Bao would not be ashamed to follow such a young and powerful Master."


    What honor was there in the Banished Lands?

    To serve the powerful was a principle which will never change.

    Without a doubt, the woman before them was a powerful cultivator who deserves their servitude! In that one moment, they had sensed the threat of death as clear as day. If they were to refuse, this woman would kill them without mercy! Though Gu Ruoyun has threatened them, Hei Bao saw nothing wrong with it. Besides, these were the living conditions in the Banished Lands.

    Yeh Luo's expression froze, he never expected Mei Xue and Hei Bao to serve Gu Ruoyun so willingly!

    "Lord Mei Xue, Lord Hei Bao, you mustn't be deceived by this woman! She didn't kill the Wolf's Fang Robbers."

    That's right, these two lords had only agreed to pledge their fealty because they had been deceived by her.

    As long as I can expose her falsehoods, they will come back to their senses!

    Hei Bao wrinkled his brows in annoyance and swept his sharp glance towards Yeh Luo. He then scoffed coldly and did not bother to look at him again.

    "Have you both made your decision?" Gu Ruoyun has very obviously treated Yeh Luo's outburst as nothing. Instead, she smiled at the two, "It's alright, I will give you a choice; anyone who is unwilling to serve me can step out."

    Everybody looked at one another, momentarily unsure of what choice to make.

    Finally, a middle-aged man slowly stepped out under the eyes of the crowd and said, "I will never pledge my allegiance to anyone!"

    "Oh?" Gu Ruoyun slowly narrowed her eyes and glanced smilingly at the man who had stepped out. She recognized who he was with just one look.

    The man was Li Qing, Master of the Li family, and has always been one of Yeh Luo's lackeys. He was also the person who had spoken up the loudest back in the Tomb. Also, over the course of this year, he had invested every effort to publicly bring down the Murong family. Gu Ruoyun has been waiting to settle all her accounts with those who had helped Yeh Luo in this past year for a long while now.
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