Chapter 623: Unifying Black Rock City (9)

    Chapter 623: Unifying Black Rock City (9)

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    Gu Ruoyun then paused for a moment before continuing her speech, "After this, I will call out a list of names. The families on this list will be in the third-class category. Those who are not on this list will be in the second-class category. Those in second-class families may come to the Murong family to collect a salary every month. As for those third-class families, my apologies. Not only would you have nothing, you will have to take orders from second-class families."

    The families in the list were, of course, the ones who had helped the Yeh family over the course of this one year. Obviously, the Yeh family was included in this list as Gu Ruoyun has no intentions of letting Yeh Luo off so easily.

    As for the rest who had just been promoted to second-class, they also included those from third-rate families. They have always been suffering from abuse and now, with their change in status, not only will they be treated as equals but they will have the power to abuse those who have been demoted to the third-class.

    Especially those in Yeh Luo's camp who had abused them countless times in the past.

    Every time they thought of this feeling, they would feel absolute bliss!

    Of course, they did not know what Gu Ruoyun meant by a monthly income. However, once they saw the hundreds of pills which were being handed out, they went mad with excitement! If an organization in the second-class could receive such a huge bounty, what would one get when one was promoted to the first-class category?

    Whatever it was, it can't be any worse than being in the second-class category!

    So, once they had received their reward, the families all began to work very hard for the sake of receiving recognition and be promoted into first-class one day!

    Those who had been in cahoots with Yeh Luo were certainly experiencing many regrets from their single error! They dearly wished to destroy Yeh Luo's corpse into a thousand pieces! If it had not been for him, they would never have received such an unfair treatment!

    Now, the most hateful thing was that those whom they had once abused would frequently show off the pills in front of them, causing their hatred towards Yeh Luo to grow.

    Of course, it was very obvious that the Murong family was extremely fair and considerate and threw Yeh Luo, who had been tortured to the point where he no longer looked human, to the forces in the third-class. Hence, Yeh Luo's fate was certainly no better than having his corpse chopped into a thousand pieces! The families who had no deep feelings towards the Yeh family were then absorbed by the other organizations. Those who had attempted to take revenge on behalf of the Master of their house were captured by the enraged forces in the third-class and paraded along the street as criminals.

    They intended to use this in order to coax Gu Ruoyun into forgetting her past annoyances towards them so that she would promote them into the second-class.

    Hence, this concluded all matters in Black Rock City.


    At the Murong family home.

    Master Murong stood with his hands to his sides on Gu Ruoyun's left. His elderly face was filled with respect as he waited quietly for the woman in green who was deep in cultivation.

    After a long pause, the woman slowly opened her eyes and turned towards Master Murong. She asked serenely, "Master Murong, what's the matter?"

    "Eldest Lady, there's something I need to talk to you about. Of course, this has already been discussed between the rest of us."

    "What is it?"

    Gu Ruoyun raised an eyebrow as she asked.

    "It's like this, almost every city has a governor but Black Rock City has never had a governor in the past because the power which came with this position wasn't very much different from the Three Great Authorities' power. Therefore, no one could actually become the governor. Now that we have you, Eldest Lady, you could take the place of the city governor. All the organizations have already begun discussing on building the governor's palace."


    Gu Ruoyun smiled calmly, "You can do it however you want, you don't have to ask for my opinion."
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