Chapter 624: Unifying Black Rock City (10)

    Chapter 624: Unifying Black Rock City (10)

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    "Alright." Master Murong's eyes shone and he chuckled, "Since the Lord Governor will have your official residence, the organizations will be serving at the governor's palace and not the Murong family home once it has been constructed. Now, I'd like to discuss the ranks of the first-class forces, is that alright?"

    Gu Ruoyun fell silent.

    I can't possibly stay in Black Rock City forever. They need someone else to take care of things. The Three Great Authorities may have great power but the Murong family had been following me longer than anyone else so my feelings towards them are stronger. I'm afraid that only the Murong family can take over this position.

    As he watched the look on Gu Ruoyun's face, Master Murong began to feel slightly anxious. He suddenly felt as if his requests were too intrusive, perhaps the governor feels that he was being too greedy because of this? He would never be able to recover her previously good impression of him.

    Just as Master Murong was about to change his suggestion, the woman's serene voice sounded, "I'll agree with your request. If I leave Black Rock City, you will take my place and govern Black Rock City in my stead."


    Master Murong temporarily went into a daze. He began to suspect that he was hearing things.

    After all, his power was not much of a match in Black Rock City yet Gu Ruoyun had ignored Mei Xue and the other two who were the most powerful cultivators of all to put Black Rock City into his care.

    How much trust does she have on me to have made such a decision?

    Master Murong was touched, "Lord Governor, don't worry, I won't let you down."

    "I'm going to continue my cultivation. Don't bother me unless it's something important. One more thing, that Mo Liyou isn't too bad. You can make him your right-hand man."

    To have a Martial Honor be his right-hand man - that's something that Master Murong would never have considered.

    But now that he has that chance, how could he not feel excited?

    It was also this very moment that he silently made an oath - he will never betray Gu Ruoyun's trust towards him.

    Even if she did leave Black Rock City someday, he would work hard in expanding its power and await her return.


    The construction of the governor's palace required several months even if they built it in the fastest way possible.

    In these few months, Gu Ruoyun had sent out numerous people to secretly uncover news of the Hell's Lotus. Unfortunately, nothing came of it. At the same time, within these past few months, she has improved herself tremendously. Even though she was unable to break through to the rank of a mid-level Martial Honor, she was able to fully control her powers as a low-level Martial Honor. Now, if she was to face a high-level Martial Honor as an enemy, they would be evenly matched in the battle.

    Of course, the most effective outcome was that once the disciples of Black Rock City saw how she had shut herself in for many months and work hard in her cultivation, it brought a huge wave of cultivation fever amongst them.

    To them, Gu Ruoyun's achievements were definitely connected with her diligent effort in making every second count during her cultivation.

    If a genius like her could work this hard, what right did they have to slack off?

    So, the result of Gu Ruoyun's cultivation was to push Black Rock City into an upgrade.

    It was during the completion of the governor's palace when she received the news.

    This news had nothing to do with the Hell's Lotus but it was of Ye Nuo, who was finally willing to return to the Ye family.

    However, before his departure, Ye Nuo held onto Gu Ruoyun and cried until mucus overflowed from his nostrils. In the end, Ye Lan could no longer bear the sight of it and dragged Ye Nuo by the lapels of his robes, resembling an eagle capturing a small chick, and dragged him out the door. He simply could not let this guy embarrass himself anymore.

    Obviously, Ye Lan's irritation did not discourage Ye Nuo at all. As such, the boy's tender but distinguished voice sounded throughout the entire Murong family.

    "Bodyguard Gu, I'm leaving now. You must think of me and I'll come back for you. Wait for me to return and make you my wife!"

    Gu Ruoyun's face immediately turned dark.  A ten-year-old kid is saying that he plans on making me his wife? This feels... Simply too awkward.
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