Chapter 625: Everyone Arrives With Their Congratulations (1)

    Chapter 625: Everyone Arrives With Their Congratulations (1)

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    Master Murong awkwardly cleared his throat and said, "Lord Governor, I'm here to discuss something with you."

    "What is it?"

    Gu Ruoyun regained her senses and turned towards Master Murong.

    "The situation is like this, the rest of the Governors from the other cities in the Plain Hills have received word that we now have a new City Governor and they would like to come and extend their congratulations. Furthermore, in all of Plain Hills, the Black Rock City is considered to be the weakest in overall power so please be prepared, Lord Governor."

    Amongst the other cities, there will be many strong cultivators as well. Those cultivators would mostly be at the rank of a mid-level Martial Honor. Besides, they had at least ten low-level Martial Honors unlike Black Rock City, where the highest in rank was Mei Xue and the other two from the Three Great Authorities.

    Even though the Leader of the Wolf's Fang Robbers was a mid-level Martial Honor, he was never considered as a part of Black Rock City. Most importantly, it would seem that his position as a mid-level Martial Honor was a bit of a sham!

    A true Martial Honor would never be easily defeated even when surrounded by ten low-level Martial Honors.

    However, the Leader of the Wolf's Fang Robbers could only go up against Mei Xue and the other two at the very most. This was also the reason why he simply could not attack Black Rock City outright.

    "The Governors from the other cities?"

    Gu Ruoyun stroked her chin and smiled calmly, "Then send out the invitations. I plan on receiving our guests in the governor's palace. Ah, right. Has the governor's palace been completed according to my requests?"

    "Lord Governor, the construction of the governor's palace has been completed. It has been built to your specifications without any entrances or exits. If you want, we can go take a look now."

    "There's no need for that."

    Gu Ruoyun shook her head, "I'll let you determine when we should invite these people. Also, I'd like you all to make some preparations."

    Master Murong joined his fists respectfully, "Tell us, Lord Governor, we will make the preparations according to your wishes."

    Hearing this, Gu Ruoyun smiled and a glint flashed across her eyes.

    A governor's banquet?

    Perhaps this can be the perfect time for me to rise above the Plain Hills!


    News of a new governor in Black Rock City had spread into every ear in the Plain Hills as quickly as a bolt of lightning.

    Of course, this was not really something worth proclaiming.

    After all, it was perfectly normal to build a governor's palace in the Plain Hills and even if the governor was replaced within a day, it would be nothing special.

    The most intriguing thing was that the new governor of Black Rock City was a young lady who was barely twenty years of age!

    What abilities could a twenty-year-old girl possibly possess to be able to rise above the Three Great Authorities of Black Rock City and become its governor?

    Soon, a few governors from neighboring cities began to send their people over to uncover more information. However, even they could not work out what was going on and no matter how much time or effort they expended, they could not find out where this woman had come from originally. They were not able to find out her name or what she looked like, it was as if she had appeared out of thin air.

    Of course, the rest of the governors did not know that the people of Black Rock City were more united than the ones from the other cities. If Gu Ruoyun does not wish for them to mention anything about her, then no matter how much the spies could try, they could basically forget about finding out anything about her from anyone else.

    Still, the most shocking thing had happened after that. When the day of the governor's banquet arrived, countless wyverns ridden by the servants of the governor of Black Rock City descended from the sky.

    Once everyone found out that these wyverns were here to escort them, they were all completely astounded.
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