Chapter 626: Everyone Arrives With Their Congratulations (2)

    Chapter 626: Everyone Arrives With Their Congratulations (2)

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    Even though these wyverns were only at the rank of a Martial Emperor, even a Martial Honor would find it exceptionally difficult to tame these volatile wyverns.

    The governor's palace of Black Rock City certainly had style, sending wyverns as mounts for their guests!

    In that moment, the prefectures which had previously looked at Black Rock City with disdain felt a shiver down their spines after recovering from their initial shock.

    They wondered what kind of person would the governor be in order to be able to domesticate so many volatile wyverns!

    One thing was clear, however, from this point onwards, Black Rock City has risen in visibility as a formidable power and would no longer be treated as an invisible entity.


    In Black Rock City, on the bustling streets, Murong Yan would frequently look over at Gu Ruoyun. She was right next to her and she wanted to say something but words refused to take shape.

    "Murong Yan," Gu Ruoyun glanced at Murong Yan and calmly raised an eyebrow, "You should improve your equipment. Come, let's take a look at that weapons shop."

    While Gu Ruoyun has numerous spiritual weapons on hand, she had given the Murong family more than enough. She has no intentions of giving up those spiritual weapons so she decided to take Murong Yan to shop for new weapons.


    When it comes to Gu Ruoyun, Murong Yan would spare the courtesies. After all, there was no one who was richer than her in Black Rock City. The cost of one weapon was nothing to her.

    Once the two women stepped into the weapons shop, the owner recognized Gu Ruoyun immediately and hurriedly shuffled towards them with a big grin on his face, "Lady Gu, choose whatever you like! I won't accept any money."

    As many people were had been trying to gather information about the governor of Black Rock City, this shop owner was smart enough to avoid addressing Gu Ruoyun as 'governor'. Instead, he referred to her with a different title.

    "There's no need for that, just give me a discount when the time comes." Gu Ruoyun smiled and turned towards Murong Yan, "I'll have to leave pretty soon after this banquet so I'm going to focus on increasing your powers. If you want your powers to grow, you must have a weapon that you can be proud of."

    "I understand."

    Murong Yan did not say much else as her gaze swept across each and every weapon in the shop. Suddenly, her eyes sparkled and she made her way to a red-colored double-edged sword. However, before she could even touch it, a hand had reached out from beside her and snatched the sword away.

    "I want this sword, you're going to let me have it!"

    That voice belonged to a young woman who was dressed in red. She gently stroked the sword as she looked at it with fond eyes. When she turned to look at the astonished Murong Yan, a hint of disdain flashed across her eyes.

    In the past, Murong Yan would have immediately picked a fight with the woman in red.

    But now, after having experienced so many things, she was no longer as hot-headed as she used to be. So, even when the weapon she was interested in had just been snatched away in front of her eyes, she still maintained a friendly and courteous smile.

    "My Lady, this is a first-come-first-serve basis. I saw this sword first but if you really like it that much, it's doesn't really matter to me. Next time, please don't be so rude."

    The woman in red's face changed greatly as she threw the sword in her hand to a servant girl who had been following closely next to her and scoffed coldly. She raised her snow-white chin with arrogance, "Don't you know who I am?"

    Murong Yan laughed icily as she stared fearlessly at the woman in red's fiery, angry eyes.

    She may have lost her brash temperament from the past but that does not mean that she would let herself be bullied.

    "I'm the eldest daughter of the governor of Celestial Distance City. So what if you've seen this sword first? Now that I've seen it, it's mine!"
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