Chapter 627: Everyone Arrives With Their Congratulations (3)

    Chapter 627: Everyone Arrives With Their Congratulations (3)

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    The young woman in red stared down at Murong Yan with contempt and her face was filled with disdain.

    I'm the heiress to the governor's palace so why should I bow to a woman like this?


    Manners are reserved for people who have a higher status than me!

    I've met every heir to every governor's palace in all of the Plain Hills and this woman is clearly a stranger. That means that she's not the daughter of any governor. Since that's the case, why should I have to be polite to her?

    Actually, under normal circumstances, the woman in red's attitude usually was not much of a problem.

    Murong Yan's status was definitely lower than hers by a few ranks but as it turns out, the governor of Black Rock City, Gu Ruoyun, was right behind her!

    As such, Gu Ruoyun completely ignored the woman in red and turned to the owner of the weapons shop.

    "How much is this sword?" She asked.

    "Err," The weapons shop owner was momentarily caught off guard before he replied, "Ten gold coins."

    If anyone else had requested to buy this sword, he would not have sold it, not even for a thousand gold coins. But Gu Ruoyun was the governor of Black Rock City after all. So, in order to establish a good relationship, the owner of the weapons store did not want to raise the price.

    "Ten gold coins?"

    Gu Ruoyun produced ten gold coins from her sleeve and handed the money over to the shop owner. "These are for you. Another thing, if you have anything you need, you can pay the Murong family a visit. They'll know what to do." She calmly added.

    How could Gu Ruoyun not notice that the weapons shop owner was trying to establish a good relationship? As such, she had fulfilled his wish.

    Clearly, once he heard this, the weapons shop owner felt happier than if he had earned a few million gold coins!

    Establishing a good relationship with the governor's palace had no price.


    The woman in red trembled with rage. She may have liked this sword but she might not have purchased it. The problem now was, she has always had anything she has ever wanted since she was a child. No one had dared to deny her anything.

    So, no matter what, she would not let anyone else buy the sword!

    "Ten gold coins?" She scoffed coldly at the thought and snatched her purse from her servant girl's hands. She then walked haughtily in front of Gu Ruoyun, "I'm not letting you have this sword! Isn't it only a matter of ten gold pieces? I have a hundred gold pieces. Consider it as a bonus."

    The shop owner sent the woman in red a disdainful look when he heard this.

    Does she think that she could have this sword for only ten gold pieces? Ten gold pieces could probably buy a piece of scrap metal at the very most! I had put the Lord Governor's position into consideration which was why I had asked for only ten gold pieces. She actually believed that this was the real price!

    "Miss, I'd advise you to give this sword to Lady Murong. I have other products available in my shop. Perhaps you'd like to take a look. If you don't like the swords in my humble shop, you're welcome to look around elsewhere." The weapons shop owner scoffed and continued to speak, "Furthermore, the price for this sword is more than a hundred gold pieces so perhaps you should have a look at the price first."

    The woman in red felt absolutely scornful . This shop owner had clearly sold it for ten gold pieces and now I'm willing to buy it for ten times the asking price. That was out of respect for him!

    Otherwise, from what I can tell, I don't know when these people would actually be able to earn that much money.

    Except, when she saw the real price from the shop owner, the woman in red was completely astounded.

    "Nineteen thousand gold pieces? That's impossible. You had clearly just sold it for only ten gold pieces! Oh, I see it now... You're all in cahoots, trying to trick me. Don't you know who I am?" The woman in red's eyes was spitting fire. From her point of view, the shop owner was collaborating with these two women to extort her.
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