Chapter 628: Everyone Arrives With Their Congratulations (4)

    Chapter 628: Everyone Arrives With Their Congratulations (4)

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    "Nineteen thousand gold pieces?" Gu Ruoyun shook her head, "No, that was its previous price. Now that this sword belongs to me, it's not like you can't have it if you really want to. Bring me one million gold pieces and I'll sell it to you for cheap."

    The woman in red was so angry that she nearly spat out a mouthful of blood.

    This scrap metal piece of a sword, she's actually asking a million gold pieces for it? And she has the audacity to say that she's selling it for cheap? This is f*cking daylight robbery.

    "Are you trying to f*cking rob me?"

    Overcome by her extreme rage, the woman in red swore out loud as she glared angrily at Gu Ruoyun.


    Gu Ruoyun waved her hand, raising a strong gust of wind and flinging the servant girl who was standing next to the woman in red out of the way. Then, she raised her hand to catch the sword.

    "I'm not selling if you can't pay the price. Murong Yan, let's go."

    Murong Yan glared coldly at the woman in red before she turned and started to exit the shop with Gu Ruoyun.

    Just as the two women were about to leave, the woman in red spoke again.

    "We're here to attend the banquet of the governor of Black Rock City so we are considered as guests of Black Rock City. If your governor finds out about this, she won't let you off so easily!"

    Unable to help herself, Murong Yan chuckled.

    She dared to say that the governor won't spare her in front of Gu Ruoyun herself?

    "Dumb f*ck."

    Murong Yan then swore out loud as well. Her face was awash with disdain.

    "Who are you f*cking calling a dumb f*ck?" The woman in red leaped with rage, glaring fiercely at Murong Yan, "Trust me, your governor will have you both executed for treating the guests of Black Rock City in this manner!"

    "You're so certain that the Lord Governor will help you?"

    Murong Yan smiled with ridicule as she asked.

    "That's for sure." The woman in red raised her chin arrogantly, "No one would offend their honored guests for the sake of two dogs in their own home!"

    Noticing that Murong Yan was about to make a retort, Gu Ruoyun calmly spoke up, "Let's go, we still have a lot of things to finish up. There's no need to waste time here with people like these."


    Murong Yan replied respectfully and followed Gu Ruoyun out of the shop. They could hear the woman in red stomping her foot from inside the shop.

    "My Lady, our humble shop does not welcome your imperial chariot. Please leave."

    The shop owner sneered then went about his own business, no longer sparing the incensed young woman another look.

    "You are also nothing but a dog!" The woman in red gritted her teeth, "Yet you still seem to think that you're better than everyone else. You just wait and see. Wait until the governor's banquet begins. I will report you all to your governor and have her clear out the shop."

    Then, she stomped her foot again and dragged the servant girl out of the weapons shop. Today's events have caused a great hatred within her heart. She will not rest until those two women were dead!


    Three days later, at the governor's banquet.

    Prior to this, all guests had been arranged to stay with prominent families.

    Initially, they had rejoiced because of this because they assumed that they would be able to collect more information regarding the governor.

    However, during these past three days, no matter how many benefits they had dangled in front of their hosts, those people would turn their heads away and leave. Even a servant who was tasked with sweeping the floor had not dared to respond to them.

    As such, no one was able to collect the information they wanted during the past three days.
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