Chapter 629: Everyone Arrives With Their Congratulations (5)

    Chapter 629: Everyone Arrives With Their Congratulations (5)

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    Three days later, the day of the banquet has finally arrived. Early in the morning, many ornate horse-drawn carriages arrived at the homes of aristocratic families to escort the guests to the governor's palace.

    However, when they entered the governor's palace, everyone was shocked and cried out in surprise.

    "Heavens, do my eyes deceive me? Is that the legendary Heavenly Spirit Tree in the garden? One sapling of this can rake in a hundred million gold pieces in an auction! It is said that the Heavenly Spirit Tree has properties which can help in spirit gathering. If you were to practice your cultivation under this tree, half the battle is already won. I never thought that she would actually plant this tree in her garden so casually."

    "And over there, that looks like the Nine Seed Lotus in the lotus pond! It is said that one lotus nut from the Nine Seed Lotus can turn a good-for-nothing with severed veins into a genius in an instant! Such a mythical object and she has it right here?"

    "Just who is the governor of Black Rock City? How could her garden be filled with such valuable treasures?"

    The crowd could not help but gasp as they discreetly tried to figure out Gu Ruoyun's identity.

    It's most likely that not a single person in the Banished Lands has the ability to spend this much money alone.

    Even the number one family in the Banished Lands, the Ye family, does not have this much power!

    "Ladies and gentlemen, please enter. Our governor will be arriving soon."

    Master Murong received the guests with a smile for when he had seen the look on their faces, he could not help but smile complacently.

    The Lord Governor had decided to do this as a form of intimidation!

    Without this intimidation, there's no telling how these powers would bully Black Rock City when she has left!

    "Alright, let's go in and have some tea."

    An elder spoke up after taking a deep breath. He certainly wanted to calm his nerves with a cup of tea.

    This display of power is terrifying! Could it be that there is now another more powerful force besides the Ye family? Otherwise, how could such a young woman successfully make the whole of Black Rock City bow to her?

    Furthermore, if she does not have that kind of power, she would never have managed to obtain so many precious treasures.

    They all felt terrified at the thought of this. Initially, they had wanted to make a display of strength in front of this new governor but now, they had all been scared half to death by a twenty-year-old woman.


    Master Murong smiled complacently and led the guests into the banquet hall.

    After they had all taken their seats, Master Murong clapped his hands, immediately ushering in a group of servant girls who entered the room leisurely and began pouring tea for all the guests.

    An ugly look appeared on everyone's face when they saw the tiny little teacups.

    "Hehe, isn't your Black Rock City a little too petty? So many of us have journeyed from far away yet you would serve us tea with such tiny teacups? It's fine if you don't have exquisite food but why don't you change into bigger cups? These barely contain one mouthful of tea."

    A middle-aged man sitting further below the crowd put down his cup angrily and spoke with a hint of ridicule.

    This governor of Black Rock City is looking down on us! Such a small cup is clearly an insult to us.

    Master Murong swept his gaze towards the middle-aged man and chuckled, "Governor of Heavenly Feather City, please finish the tea first before telling us about the hospitality of Black Rock City."


    The governor of Heavenly Feather City scoffed and raised his cup to his lips. He was just about to speak again after drinking it but he was suddenly gripped with astonishment. He looked thoroughly startled as if he could not believe what he had just experienced.

    In that moment, he felt as if the spiritual energy in his body has increased by a slight amount.

    To a Martial Honor like him, this increase in spiritual energy was akin to a small droplet of water in a lake but even if this was a small drop of water, it was something that was worth getting excited about for it has been a long time since his spiritual ocean had actually felt an increase.
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