Chapter 630: Departure (1)

    Chapter 630: Departure (1)

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    Hence, the governor of Heavenly Feather City's initially shocked expression soon turned into excitement. However, he still felt a lot of skepticism.

    "Governor of Heavenly Feather City, now you know why the teacup was so small in size. Our tea is extremely expensive so we can only provide everyone with only one pot. We're using it to serve all our guests and if you wished to drink a few more cups, the rest won't have any chance to drink any at all. So tell me, by serving each and every one of you with one small cup, are we still treating you unfairly?"

    Master Murong smiled deviously because only he knew that the tea had been added with some Spirit Gathering Pills. With a few Spirit Gathering Pills shared out amongst so many people, the effects would not be too obvious.

    Even so, it was enough to send anyone who had sipped the tea into a daze on the spot. Their dazed eyes speak of how inconceivable this situation was.

    Some of them even licked their lips, clearly wanting to sample another taste of this tea. But as they were told, this tea was meant for serving important guests and they only had one pot. How could they ask for more so shamelessly?

    "It's no loss, no loss at all!"

    The governor of Heavenly Feather City repressed the tremors within his heart and spoke in a heartfelt way, "This is truly the best hospitality I've ever received. I have misunderstood your honorable home and I ask that you forgive me. Ah right, what time will the governor be arriving?"

    "Please rest assured and wait for a moment, she will be arriving soon."

    Master Murong was grinning from ear to ear. After all, he had once carried a lower to middle position in Black Rock City but now so many governors were treating him with such courtesy.

    What an amazing feeling!

    "By the way, once your governor arrives, she must take responsibility for an incident which concerns the Celestial Distance City governor's palace."

    Just as Master Murong was answering the crowd's questions with a smile on his face, an angry voice suddenly chimed in.

    Master Murong frowned gently and swept his gaze towards the governor of Celestial Distance City and a young woman who was dressed in red. He replied indifferently, "May I know what matter that requires our governor's responsibility?"


    The governor of Celestial Distance City did not respond but the young woman in red next to him rose to her feet and scoffed icily, "What else? Your two dogs from Black Rock City! They had dared to treat your honored guests with such rudeness. Dogs like those who dare to bite their own masters should be whipped to death. Their lives are nothing but a waste of resources."

    Master Murong's face turned grave and a cold smile appeared on his smile, "My Lady, I don't know what you're talking about and neither do I know the situation. But I do know that it is not within an outsider's right to bully the citizens of Black Rock City! Furthermore, you are only a guest, not a master!"

    "Guests of the master are also considered as masters. Those two dogs have offended their superiors and bitten their own masters. Do they not deserve death? You are also merely a dog of the governor of Black Rock City. I don't wish to speak to you. Have Black Rock City's governor speak to me directly!"

    In that moment, Master Murong's face turned into a particularly ugly shade. Even the other governors sighed incessantly. While their initial intention in journeying to Black Rock City was to show off their superiority to the governor, based on the current situation, the governor of Black Rock City seems to be a rather complex person. It would be best to avoid provoking such a person for the time being.

    However, this unruly Miss High-and-Mighty of Celestial Distance City had directly insulted a personnel of the governor's palace and called him a dog. This was simply too arrogant.

    Just then, a clear and calm voice, with hints of a serene smile, sounded from outside the banquet hall.

    "Are you looking for me?"

    The voice was like a fresh breeze on a clear day, immediately drawing the attention of everyone in the room.
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