Chapter 631: Departure (2)

    Chapter 631: Departure (2)

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    A flash of green robes fluttered under the light breeze. The woman had a calm smile on her face. Her clear, cold gaze swept across every face in the crowd before finally landing on the young woman in red.

    The young woman in red was astonished at the sight of Gu Ruoyun's appearance. She could not grasp why this woman had appeared at the banquet.

    However, she did not think too much of it. Neither did she bother to consider the meaning of her words as she immediately cried out angrily, "You damned girl, I never thought that you would dare to walk into this trap! I was talking about you, you dog. Just wait and see. When your governor arrives, I'll make her punish you!"

    "Forget it, Fu'er. There's no need for you to rile yourself up over a woman like her." The governor of Celestial Distance City hurriedly consoled his daughter, "It's not worth it to harm your body in your rage for her. Wait for the governor of Black Rock City to arrive and I'll ask her to give this woman to you. Then, you can do as you like with her. I'm certain that the governor of Black Rock City would let me keep my reputation on this."

    The governor of Celestial Distance City was not normally so dim-witted but when it comes to matters involving his darling daughter, he would forget all reason. So, in times like this, he would not have a clear mind.

    Master Murong's face had turned so dark that it could not possibly get any blacker. A fiery rage gathered within his chest, kindling into a raging flame.

    He was enraged because the person she had just insulted was their Lord Governor! He was so angry that he could barely contain himself from slapping this vicious woman to death.

    "Governor of Celestial Distance City, this is the daughter of your palace. What great upbringing she displays." Master Murong smiled icily before hurriedly walking towards Gu Ruoyun and spoke respectfully with joined fists, "Lord Governor, you've finally arrived."

    Lord Governor?

    The entire room burst into a cacophony of discussion when they heard this.

    Honestly speaking, they had previously heard that the governor of Black Rock City was a twenty-year-old woman but was still skeptical of that fact. Now that they've seen it for themselves, they fully believed that the rumors were indeed true!

    Regardless of how many powerful supporters this woman has behind her, if she was not powerful herself, how could a force like Black Rock City bow to her?

    However, she was such a young Martial Honor! Perhaps not even the Little Master of the Ye family could accomplish such a feat!

    What kind of a freak of nature was she and where had she come from?

    Gu Ruoyun walked towards the governor of Celestial Distance City with a smile hanging on her face and asked, "You said that I would preserve your reputation? I wonder what kind of reputation you'd like to have? As long as it's within my capabilities, I'll definitely give it to you."

    Just then, the governor of Celestial Distance City's face turned from white to green then from green to white again. He dearly wished that there was a hole which he could bury himself in.

    I had just told the governor of Black Rock City to give herself up to Fu'er to be tortured right in front of the governor herself. I've even said that she would preserve my reputation for this...

    Heavens, what an idiotic error I've committed.

    "You're the governor of Black Rock City?" Fu'er widened her eyes in shock and her beautiful face drained of color, "Impossible, how could you possibly be the governor of Black Rock City? This is definitely impossible!"

    Previously, when she had met Gu Ruoyun, she had carried an air of great superiority. Now, in contrast to their previous encounter, how could her air superiority count for anything?

    Nevertheless, she was not satisfied!

    This woman was clearly not very much older than me so what right does she have to be the governor of a city?

    Fu'er gritted her teeth at the thought of this. She was struck speechless and the rage in her eyes turned into jealousy.

    She was jealous of this woman's great accomplishments!

    Gu Ruoyun smiled serenely but did not say anything else. She slowly walked towards the seat of the master as her clear, cold eyes shone with a calm light.
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