Chapter 635: Nangong Yue (1)

    Chapter 635: Nangong Yue (1)

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    A few days ago, her Ladyship had set her eye on a weapon but the price for it was too steep. If these passersby pay the toll fee, she would have enough money to purchase that weapon.

    Who are these people compared to the weapon her Ladyship wants?

    How could they match up to our incomparably honorable Lady?

    They should be proud that they have the opportunity to contribute to her ability to buy that weapon. They really don't know what's good for them.

    "I'll say this one more time, get out of the way!"

    Gu Ruoyun wrinkled her brow but her voice retained its calmness.

    "You damned girl, if you won't do this the easy way then we'll do it the hard way!" the leader's expression changed immediately and he bellowed angrily, "Men, take this woman away!"

    "Yes, sir!"

    Upon receiving the order, the city guards charged towards Gu Ruoyun. Their ferocious gaze was no different from robbers.



    A powerful force erupted from Gu Ruoyun's body and the guards who had been charging towards her were sent whirling out of the way as if they had just met with a violent hurricane. The guards flew a distance before crashing violently to the ground.

    "I've said that I don't have the time."

    She did not spare another look at the ashed-faced leader and walked right into the city.

    Just then, a haughty voice chimed in from the back. It carried a hint of annoyance.

    "What's going on here?"

    "My Lady?"

    The leader's eyes sparkled and he quickly directed his gaze to the front. When he saw the woman who was on a saddled steed, he quickly reported, "This woman refused to pay the toll fee and she also refused to follow us to meet with you. We were just about to teach her a lesson but we didn't expect you to be here."

    The richly-dressed woman frowned and glanced at the fallen guards who were sprawled on the ground. She scoffed coldly, "Was it you who intended to teach others a lesson or someone else had just taught you a lesson?"

    Hearing this, the leader's face turned into a particularly ugly shade. He shot Gu Ruoyun a fierce glare.

    If it had not been for this woman, I would not have been chastized by Her Ladyship.

    "Bunch of useless things." The richly-dressed Nangong Yue scoffed then turned her gaze towards Gu Ruoyun. Her lips curled into a smile, "Miss, this is the Tranquil Mountain City. You've refused to pay the toll fee and you've harmed the soldiers of my city. Don't you realize how unreasonable this is? If you're unable to pay the fees, that's fine. I can give you a chance. I see that you're quite powerful so how about becoming my bodyguard for ten years? You'd need about ten years to earn ten thousand gold pieces. I'll offset ten thousand gold pieces every month. What do you say?"

    Since this woman had been able to defeat this bunch of useless things, her powers probably aren't too shabby. Also, based on her appearance, she probably doesn't have a lot of money. So why not be kind and give her a chance?

    Ten thousand gold pieces a year and the opportunity to enter the governor's palace, how many people have earnestly longed for a chance like this?

    Nangong Yue believed that this woman could not possibly refuse such a good offer.

    "My apologies." Just then, a light and airy voice sounded, "I'm not interested."


    This time, it wasn't just Nangong Yue who was shocked, the people around her were astonished as well.

    Not a single person in the vicinity was not aware of the Eldest Lady of Tranquil Mountain City's cruelty and greediness. If anyone was unable to pay the toll fee and still insisted on passing through, they would end up being beaten until they were crippled. In some severe cases, they could even lose their lives! No one had expected the cruel and greedy Eldest Lady Nangong to spare someone yet this person had casually rejected that opportunity!
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