Chapter 637: Nangong Yue (3)

    Chapter 637: Nangong Yue (3)

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    The governor of Tranquil Mountain City fell silent and slowly returned to his seat.

    After he had returned from the governor of Black Rock City's banquet, he received news that the governor of Black Rock City had left Black Rock City. Based on the current circumstances, she must be on her way to Holy City to search for the Hell's Lotus.

    Otherwise, why had she asked about the Hell's Lotus in the first place?

    Also, based on Yue'er's description of that woman, it's highly likely that she's the governor of Black Rock City.

    "Yue'er," The governor of Tranquil Mountain City sighed at the thought, "It's best not to provoke this woman."


    Nangong Yue could not understand it. Father has always loved me dearly yet now, not only was he unwilling to avenge me, he's asking me to not provoke that woman.

    "Because it is highly likely that the woman you had just described is the governor of Black Rock City."

    "The governor of Black Rock City?"

    Nangong Yue sneered, "That woman was dressed like a commoner, she couldn't possibly be the master of a city. Besides, so what if she is the governor of Black Rock City? Brother Yu would never stand idly by and watch another person bully me. Brother Yu is a disciple of the Ye family. Even though he's only a collateral relative, he has already climbed his way into the Ye family deaconship and has a very high position in the Ye family. What reason do I have to fear a newly minted governor from a small place?

    "Yu'er, you don't understand. The governor of Black Rock City definitely has a powerful backer. Otherwise, she would not be where she is today. Let this matter go and don't provoke her in the future. If you end up provoking her powerful backer, I'm afraid that even I won't be able to protect you."

    The governor of Tranquil Mountain City sighed as he advised her exasperatedly.

    Hearing her father's words, Nangong Yue held her temper and did not say anything more.

    Since my father is unwilling to support me, I'll go to Holy City and meet Brother Yu right now. Brother Yu will definitely protect me!

    She scoffed as she thought of this, turned on her heels and left the room, completely ignoring her father.

    "It seems that I've indulged her too much."

    The governor of Tranquil Mountain City smiled bitterly and watched Nangong Yue as she left. It's not like he was ignorant of what his daughter has been up to but in the end, he had allowed her to do whatever she wished as long as she was happy. Now, it would seem that this girl's attitude might actually provoke the wrath of some powerful cultivator sooner or later. By then, she might not be able to get away so easily like she had managed to today.

    If she had faced a more short-tempered cultivator instead, perhaps I would have ended up meeting her corpse today.

    "Servants, look after the Lady for me. She's not allowed to leave the house for the next three months."

    The governor of Tranquil Mountain City forced himself to be ruthless and made the decision.

    "Yue'er, I hope that you won't blame me. I'm doing this for your own good and it's time for you to have an attitude adjustment. I don't wish for Tranquil Mountain City to be destroyed by your hand."

    Of course, Nangong Yue would never understand her father's painstaking effort and neither was she willing to make the effort to understand as well!

    In the past, no matter what she had done, her father would be duty bound to always stand by her side. Now, he had actually put her under house arrest. As such, she pushed all the blame onto Gu Ruoyun.

    If it had not been for this woman, Father would never have placed me under house arrest!

    Perhaps this woman was actually acquianted with my father and had seduced him in the past. She has probably committed some unsavoury acts with him. Otherwise, why would my father be helping her?

    That also explains why she had rejected my offer to become my bodyguard. That makes sense!

    Becoming my father's woman would be a far more powerful position that being my bodyguard!

    The more Nangong Yue thought about it, the more she felt that it was entirely possible. How could a penniless girl reject such an enticing opportunity to earn money? Surely it was because she would have access to a better source of income!
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