Chapter 638: Nangong Yue (4)

    Chapter 638: Nangong Yue (4)

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    "You've had clearly put on a noble and virtuous act but you're simply too shameless for daring to seduce my father while my mother is still around. If I ever see you again, I'll crush you utterly and make your fall from grace complete. That'll show my father what a vulgar and money-grubbing woman you truly are!"


    Outside the city, Gu Ruoyun exhaled and turned to look at Tranquil Mountain City. The excitement began to well up from within her heart.

    "I'll be arriving atHoly City soon. I just need to retrieve the Hell's Lotus then I can revive Xiao Ye. I must get there as swiftly as I can."

    With that being said, she no longer lingered and rushed on her way towards Holy City. She was so fast that she left a trail of dust behind her. The people she had passed on the way could not make out what she looked like. All they saw was a flash of green robes zipping past them at the speed of light.

    Holy City, at the Ye family home.

    Ye Nuo was glaring angrily at the old man before him as he exclaimed irritably, "I'll say this one more time. I want to see Bodyguard Gu and you can't stop me!"

    Ye Lan immediately rolled his eyes at him and replied scornfully, "You saw what kind of dangers that girl has encountered. What could you have done when you had been following her around? If you really want to help her, you should continue working hard in your cultivation. Once you've broken through to the rank of a Martial Emperor, you can go look for her! No, it should be after you've broken through to the rank of a Martial Honor!"

    "Stupid old man, you're always using this to force me. You want me to breakthrough to the rank of a Martial Honor? Only your mother would think that it was that easy, Doesn't that mean that you want to lock me in here for about ten to twenty years? No! By then, Bodyguard Gu would already have been snatched up by some other man!"

    The more Ye Nuo thought about it, the more he felt that this was entirely possible. If he was absent for ten to twenty years, perhaps Bodyguard Gu would have already forgotten about him and run off with someone else.

    When it comes to his own grandson, Ye Lan would attack without mercy, "I see that Lady Gu is rather outstanding so she's probably with someone else already. Idiot boy, you are only a ten-year-old child. What do you know about love? Don't get mixed into these matters foolishly."

    "I don't care, I'm going to take Bodyguard Gu as my wife. That way, she can only accompany me alone. You have no right to take her away from me either."

    Besides, to Ye Nuo, as long as he makes Gu Ruoyun his wife, they can be together forever. Then we shall see how this old man plans on forcing me away.

    "And what if she's already some else's wife?"

    Ye Lan looked at Ye Nuo as he asked.

    "Then..." Ye Nuo wrinkled his adorable eyebrows, "I'll marry into Bodyguard Gu's family."

    Ye Lan's elderly face immediately turned dark. This idiot boy, he actually wants to become someone else's son-in-law? I have truly wasted my time in nurturing him for so many years.

    He would actually run off with someone else so easily, he doesn't even think of his own grandfather.


    Just then, a respectful voice sounded from the side.

    Ye Lan felt irritated at being disturbed during his conversation with his grandson. He furrowed his brows and turned towards the middle-aged man in front of him, "Xinglin, is there something that you need?"

    "Father, I wonder if the Master still remembers Ye Yu? I've mentioned him to you once." Ye Xinglin smiled and asked.

    "Ye Yu?"

    The old man wrinkled his brows, momentarily unable to recall that name.

    Seeing this, Ye Nuo whispered softly into his amnesiac grandfather's ear, "Grandfather, Second Uncle is talking about the head of the penal office's disciple, Ye Yu."

    "Oh?" Ye Lan came to a sudden realization, "Why, what he's done now?"

    "It's like this, father," Ye Xinglin smiled and continued, "That Ye Yu is quite talented and has already reached the rank of a Martial Emperor at the age of twenty. I think that only Nuo'er can be compared to such talent. I've been paying close attention to him. Otherwise, as a collateral relative, he would never have been able to enter the penal office. Just now, he had just asked for my help. According to him, his fiancée has been locked up by the governor of Tranquil Mountain City and he is asking for permission to bring her here under the name of the Ye family. He has also asked us to create a position for his fiancée. His fiancée is not of the same surname so I've come to ask for your opinion."
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