Chapter 639: Nangong Yue (5)

    Chapter 639: Nangong Yue (5)

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    "That's all?" Ye Lan furrowed his brows again. Finally, he relaxed his gaze and calmly replied, "You can all take care of matters like these on your own. There's no need to consult me. If you really can't make a decision, discuss this with your older brother."

    In the past, Ye Yu's talent would have definitely intrigued Ye Lan and gained his attention.

    Unfortunately, after meeting the exceptional Gu Ruoyun, he definitely found it hard to feel any excitement towards this.

    Now, whenever he looked at his grandson, he would feel as if his talents were not up to standard. Hence, he shot Ye Nuo a fierce glare and exclaimed irritably, "Idiot boy, what are you still foolishly standing here for? Get your *ss into cultivation this instant. Look at your bullsh*t excuse of talent. If you don't have a breakthrough in one month, don't even think of coming to see me."

    As he spoke, he raised his leg, aiming it at Ye Nuo. Luckily, Ye Nuo was fast enough to avoid him.

    As he left, Ye Nuo pulled a face at Ye Lan and disappeared very quickly.

    Ye Xinglin was shocked. It was common knowledge that his nephew had a talent that no one could match and has always been his father's pride. Every time he was mentioned in conversation with his good friends, he would speak proudly of Nuo'er's talents.

    But now... What has happened? Father... Actually thinks that Nuo'er's talents are sub-par?

    If that's the case, who else in all of the Banished Lands could match up to Nuo'er?

    "You can leave now."

    Ye Lan smiled bitterly before turning towards Ye Xinglin.

    "Oh, by the way, what's that Ye Yu and his fiancée like?"

    "In response to your question, Father, Ye Yu is always eager to prove himself and is very powerful. He is also well-versed with the Ye family's rules. As for his future bride, I've not met her yet but according to Ye Yu, Nangong Yue has an upright personality and a good temperament. She's the kind of person who would not provoke others so long as others do not provoke her first. I trust Ye Yu's words so please rest assured, Father."

    "That's fine then."

    Ye Lan nodded, "If she's the kind who will invite trouble, the Ye family will never accept her! Xinglin, do not judge me based on the fact that I'm the number one cultivator in the Banished Lands. It does not mean that the rest of the Banished Lands are weaker than me! There are still a few reclusive old demons. I've only managed to claim the title as the number one because no one knows about them. Aside from the Banished Lands, there's also the East Peak Mainland as well, where countless powerful cultivators reside. Not to mention the fact that the monarchs in every country are at the rank of a Martial Supreme, there are even many high-leveled Martial Supremes. What I have in my hands is nothing compared to them. This is why I've been very cautious all my life. If no one provokes me, I would never pick a fight with anyone at all."

    "Father, I understand."

    Ye Xinglin replied respectfully, "I will send my men to look into Nangong Yue's personality after this. Please don't worry, father."

    "You and Ye Nuo's father are reasonable men and I admire that. However, I must tell you this, sometimes, a truly powerful cultivator can be the most inconspicuous person. The more simple-looking they are, the more powerful they may be. Only a few who truly consider themselves invincible would openly show off their powers to the world. These people are brain-dead idiots in our eyes!"

    The reason why Ye Lan was where he was today had been because of his cautious nature.

    Of course, if anyone were to provoke him, he would not be soft-hearted about it!
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