Chapter 640: The Flames Of Nirvana (1)

    Chapter 640: The Flames Of Nirvana (1)

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    If anyone dares to commit a crime against the Ye family, they will have touched his reversed scale and he would not rest until the criminal is dead!

    As for those truly powerful cultivators, if there were no benefits or disputes, they would never go on a killing spree for the sake of ambition or for the sake of a misunderstanding.

    The ones who do so were not considered as powerful cultivators, they were simply thugs!

    "I understand."

    "Alright, you may leave now." Ye Lan waved his hand and said.

    "Yes, I'll excuse myself now."

    Ye Xinglin folded his hands into a salute and left.

    Immediately after that, he sent his men to investigate Nangong Yue's situation. However, Ye Xinglin did not treat it with much importance and did not send his trusted aide to investigate her, he also did not send a powerful cultivator! As such, he had casually sent a dispatch into Tranquil Mountain City.

    Towards the end of his mission, the dispatch was bribed by Ye Yu who had followed closely behind him.

    Hence, the final report from Nangong Yue's investigation was all praises about her character and with no fanfare, Nangong Yue was escorted from Tranquil Mountain City by the Ye family members into Holy City.

    As he watched Nangong Yue's disappearing figure, the governor of Tranquil Mountain City could only sigh incessantly and silently prayed that she would not meet Gu Ruoyun when she reaches Holy City. Otherwise, not even he would be able to protect her...


    "This is Holy City?"

    At this moment, a figure dressed in green robes stood outside Holy City. Her clear, cold gaze looked at the saintly city gate and a peculiar glint flashed across them.

    She contained her excitement and stepped forward.


    Suddenly, a loud voice stopped Gu Ruoyun in her tracks.

    Gu Ruoyun furrowed her brows as she stared straight at the soldier at the gate and asked, "Do you want a toll fee as well?"

    "A toll fee? What's that?" The soldier paused for a moment before continuing, "There's a rule in Holy City - aside from the citizens of our city, everyone else who wishes to enter this city must have a certain measure of power!"

    "How is that decided?" Gu Ruoyun looked at the soldier before her.

    "It's simple," The soldier pointed at a stone tablet next to him and said, "This stone tablet was created from a Golden Light Stone. If you can leave your palm print on it, you may enter Holy City."

    "It's that easy?"

    Gu Ruoyun was mildly astonished and made her way towards the stone tablet. She gathered half of her power into her fist and pounded it into the stone tablet with a loud bang. She then withdrew her fist.

    "Miss, I'm sorry but you have not reached our requirements." The soldier consoled Gu Ruoyun in a friendly manner.

    The stone tablet which Gu Ruoyun had just pounded had remained pristine and unscathed. There were no scars on her fist either.

    This meant that she did not pass the test!

    Just as the soldiers were about to ask her to leave, their faces were filled with astonishment.


    A clear and sharp noise rang out. They then saw a small crack forming in the middle of the stone tablet. The crack wasn't exactly big but it was clear for all to see.

    The soldier rubbed his eyes in shock as if he could not believe them...

    Before he could regain his train of thought, a continuous cracking noise sounded as more and more cracks appeared all over the entire stone tablet. It then shattered into a thousand pieces on the ground.

    Even Gu Ruoyun was shocked.

    She had restrained her power and had only used half her strength. How could she have managed to shatter the stone?

    "This... This..." The soldier was so shocked that he was at a loss for words. He stared dumbstruck at the shattered tablet then slowly turned his astonished gaze towards Gu Ruoyun.
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