Chapter 643: The Flames Of Nirvana (4)

    Chapter 643: The Flames Of Nirvana (4)

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    The tomb of a Martial Saint!


    The tomb of a Martial Saint? Father had actually explored the magnificent tomb of a Martial Saint?

    "You will never know how dangerous that tomb was. I've only explored one small part of it and I had nearly lost my life in the process. It's a good thing that I managed to return with this stone tablet! Furthermore, this was not just a Golden Light Stone tablet. That was only a story I had created to prevent anyone else from finding out its true function!"

    Ye Lan was filled with excitement and he completely ignored the looks on the two brothers faces, "There was one sentence carved where the stone tablet was, it was written in ancient text and I couldn't really understand it. However, I managed to understand one thing - only one person in this world can destroy this stone tablet!"

    "That person is the keeper of the Ancient Divine Phoenix! The Ancient Divine Phoenix was once the spiritual beast of a formidable Lord in the East Peak Mainland ten thousand years ago! Only a person who carries Zixie's Flames of Nirvana can destroy this stone tablet!"

    "Do you know what the Flames of Nirvana are? Years ago, the Ancient Divine Phoenix had used these flames to burn the plains! That's right, the Plain Hills were destroyed over ten thousand years ago by the Flames of Nirvana! However, the Ancient Divine Phoenix's Flames of Nirvana would never have been so powerful on its own. His power lies in his compatibility with his contracted human. Back then, I had stumbled upon an ancient book in the East Peak Mainland and read about this achievement. According to the book, an extremely powerful cultivator who controlled the Plain Hills had murdered an important friend of the Ancient Divine Phoenix's Master. As a result, his legendary Master stormed the Plain Hills and used the Flames of Nirvana to raze the entire land to the ground!"

    "That fire continued to burn for almost half a year. After that, the people of the world called that incident 'The Tragedy of An Entire Generation's Extermination'.

    As he spoke, a sense of longing and respect appeared on Ye Lan's face. That legendary Lord was forever a figure that they looked up to.

    He was so powerful that he was invincible.

    "Later on, the Ancient Divine Phoenix and his master then disappeared. No one knows what happened but rumors say that the Ancient Divine Phoenix's Master was reincarnated and with its Master gone, the Ancient Divine Phoenix had entered into a deep slumber. Previously, I read about this when I had entered the ruins back then. Can you imagine how excited I had felt? So, I took the stone tablet and placed it outside our city gates. It was not to create some sort of test for anyone who wished to pass through our city gates but to find that miraculous existence."

    Luckily, time cannot defeat determination. He's waited for so many years to finally find the person who holds the Flames of Nirvana!

    The two brothers were extremely shocked, they never expected the stone tablet to have such a backstory.

    "Ah, right. Where is that person responsible for destroying the stone tablet?"

    Ye Lan fought back his excitement and asked.


    Ye Xingtian furrowed his brows and muttered to himself for a bit before replying, "The reports only indicated that it was a young girl and the specifics were not clear to me. However, since she has arrived in Holy City, then she is clearly in the Ye family land. Lord father, please do not worry. I will send the person who has met her to look for her. We will find her even if we have to turn Holy City upside down."


    Ye Lan nodded, "That's the only thing we can do for now. By the way, if you meet this young woman, you must behave a bit more polite to her. Perhaps, if we can get her help, our Ye family will flourish for a little longer without end!"

    Previously, Ye Lan was like a drowning man. Now, with great difficulty, he has managed to catch a straw which could save his life. He simply would not let it slip through his fingers.
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