Chapter 644: The Flames Of Nirvana (5)

    Chapter 644: The Flames Of Nirvana (5)

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    Otherwise, it is highly likely that the Ye family will head for destruction after his death.

    In that case, he could never be at peace even if he had reached hell.

    "Yes, Lord Father."

    Ye Xingtian folded his fists and replied respectfully.

    "I'll take my leave now."

    He then shot a look towards Ye Xinglin and the two brothers took their leave.

    Just as they stepped out of the room, a figure rushed towards them and knelt on the ground before giving a report, "Eldest Young Master, Second Young Master, a girl had just arrived and she says that she's here to visit Little Master Ye Nuo and Master."


    Ye Xingtian was clearly astonished and he frowned, "She's here to see Nuo'er and Father? Did that lady mention the name of her family?"

    "She said that her name is Gu Ruoyun and that she was an old friend of Little Master Ye Nuo. She has come especially to pay him a visit."

    "Nuo'er's old friend?"

    Ye Xingtian stayed silent for a while then lightly nodded, "I understand. Escort that young lady to the grand hall, I'd like to see whom this person who requests to see Nuo'er really is."


    The servant left immediately and Ye Xingtian made his way to the grand hall without another word to his younger brother.

    Just as Ye Xingtian had just left, the room door behind them opened and a white-robed Ye Lan, looking very much like an immortal, emerged. His eyes swept across the entire courtyard before landing on Ye Xinglin who was still rooted to the spot.

    "Where did Xingtian go off to?"

    I'm not sure if I had heard it wrong but I seemed to have overheard someone mentioning the Gu girl's name. Wasn't that little girl supposed to be resuming her duties as the governor in Black Rock City? What's she doing here?

    "Oh, someone has just informed big brother that a woman named Gu Ruoyun has arrived to pay a visit to Nuo'er and you."


    Ye Lan was extremely shocked. An unnoticeable light flashed across his eyes.

    After all, he has always held Gu Ruoyun's talents in high esteem. If it were not for the fact that his grandson was still far too young, he would have loved to have his grandson take this girl as his wife. Unfortunately, that boy Ye Nuo was only a ten-year-old child. Who would have any interest in a ten-year-old child?

    If only he could give it five to six more years, perhaps then this could come true!

    But by that time, the Gu girl would have long been married off to someone else and his grandson would have even less of a chance.

    Even so, it did not change the admiration he had felt for this girl.

    She had achieved so many accomplishments at such a young age. This was something that not even two generations of his descendants could accomplish in their entire lifetimes.


    Ye Xinglin was just about to say something when his ever-stubborn father disappeared from view, leaving him with only this, "I'm going to see Nuo'er. If there's nothing else, you may retire to your room."

    "Er..." Ye Xinglin was in a bit of a daze.  Just who was this Gu Ruoyun to have caused such a stir within my father?

    I think that in all of the Banished Lands, no one else could turn my normally calm and collected father into this state aside from Ye Nuo.


    In the grand hall.

    Ye Xingtian stepped inside and immediately saw the girl who was waiting in the grand hall.

    She was dressed in green and looked cool and slender like a bamboo tree as the gentle rays of the sun illuminated her body. Upon hearing footsteps from outside the door, the woman, whose back had been facing the door, slowly turned around and looked at a face which bore a striking similarity to Ye Nuo.

    She could guess the man's identity just by looking at this face.

    He's the Eldest Young Master of the Ye family, Ye Xingtian!

    It was said that Ye Xingtian was highly talented. On the year he turned thirty, he had broken through to the rank of a Martial Honor. However, due to a bout of misfortune, his powers have been unable to develop further despite the passage of many years.

    This was also an eternal sorrow among the hearts of everyone in the Ye family!
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