Chapter 645: The Hells Lotus (1)

    Chapter 645: The Hell's Lotus (1)

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    "You're Gu Ruoyun?" Ye Xingtian smiled and slowly walked in, "Lady Gu, I heard that you're here to see my father and Nuo'er. May I know how you're acquainted with them?"

    Honestly, the thing which puzzled Ye Xingtian the most was that this woman was here not just to see Nuo'er, she had even asked to meet with his father who did not have very many acquaintances. It was highly suspicious so he would not allow her to meet his father until he investigates this woman's identity thoroughly.

    There's no telling if she had been sent here by hostile forces and would end up harming his father!

    "Mm." Gu Ruoyun nodded, "I'm friends with Ye Nuo and I've also had the privilege of meeting Master Ye several times. I've specially made this trip to pay them a visit. If it's not too much trouble, may I see them?"

    "This..." Ye Xingtian remained silent for a while. After a long pause, he slowly replied, "I'm afraid that it's a little inconvenient at the moment."

    As he was still unsure of this woman's true identity, how could he casually allow her to meet his father? He could only deny her request.

    However, just as Ye Xingtian had spoken, a loud whooshing sound was heard as a gust of wind rushed in from behind him and nearly knocked him back.

    "Bodyguard Gu, you've finally come to see me. I've missed you to death."

    Ye Nuo firmly embraced Gu Ruoyun with grief written all over his fair and youthful face, "Why didn't you come sooner? If you hadn't come, I would have escaped this place just to find you."

    It's all that damned old man's fault. If it wasn't for him, I would never have had to leave Bodyguard Gu's side.

    "Ye Nuo!"

    Ye Xingtian's face immediately blackened at the sight of Ye Nuo's actions. He was just about to scold him and put a stop to it when he heard an elderly voice behind him.

    "You idiot boy, why don't you treat your grandfather with such warmth whenever you meet him? It seems that the years I've spent in nurturing you wasn't as important as the Gu girl. You are truly going to anger me to death."

    While these were indeed the words on Ye Lan's lips, the old man was grinning as he slowly walked in.

    Ye Xingtian was shocked. He stared at his father's smiling face and heard the occasional admiring gasp and sigh from his father from time to time. He was momentarily unable to make sense of the situation.

    "Master Ye, long time no see."

    Gu Ruoyun smiled at Ye Lan, her manner of speech was unmistakably one of a long-lost friend.

    "Hehe, Gu girl, a busy person like you would never pay a visit without a cause. I wonder, why have you come to the Ye family home this time?"

    Clearly, Ye Lan knew enough about Gu Ruoyun's character to see right through her. She would not have come to the Ye family home in Hoy City without reason.

    Since she's here, she must need some help.

    "It's like this," Gu Ruoyun thought of Qianbei Ye who still in a deep sleep in the Ancient Divine Pagoda and her heart sank. She slowly spoke, "I hear that the Ye family is in possession of the Hell's Lotus. I'd like to borrow this Hell's Lotus and use it for a bit. I wonder if you can loan it to me?"


    Hearing this, Ye Xingtian's face changed immediately. He hurriedly cut in as he stood next to her, "No, this Hell's Lotus cannot be loaned out! Miss, I don't care how you're related to Nuo'er or my father but to demand for the Ye family's closely guarded treasure upon your arrival, isn't this a little out of line?"

    At this moment, his face had turned into a slightly ugly shade. The Hell's Lotus was not merely a closely guarded treasure to the Ye family. In reality, they're relying on it to dull the effects of the poison in his father's system. If they gave the Hell's Lotus away, his father probably would not be able to live on for very much longer!
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