Chapter 647: The Hells Lotus (3)

    Chapter 647: The Hell's Lotus (3)

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    "This girl is a genius." As he spoke, Ye Lan's face glowed with admiration, "A true genius whom I've met before!"

    Ye Xingtian widened his mouth in shock, "Didn't you say that Nuo'er was the true genius?"

    "That was before I had met this little girl. That boy, Ye Nuo, is indeed rather talented. However, though I've pumped him up with so damned many medicines since he was a child, he's only reached the rank of a Martial King. This girl, however, has reached the rank of a Martial Honor!"

    Just because Ye Nuo had managed to become a Martial King at age ten does not mean that he would become a Martial Honor at age twenty.

    This was because once one has attained the rank of a Martial King, the subsequent ranks will only become harder, making it a difficult process to become a Martial Emperor. If one wishes to advance to the rank of a Martial Honor, the difficulty would be increased many times over.

    So, after hearing that there was someone who was more talented than his own son, Ye Xingtian's face was filled with shock.

    "A twenty-year-old Martial Honor? Where had this girl come from to become a genius of this caliber?"

    "Honestly, after my return to the Ye family home, I had sent some men to investigate this girl's background. However, she seems to have appeared out of thin air. We don't know where she's come from! Also, at the time, I had witnessed a scene with my very own eyes! You've been to Black Rock City before as well so you should know of the Wolf's Fang Robbers who reside outside of the city! That leader of the Wolf's Fang Robbers was a mid-level Martial Honor! However, it was this girl who had single-handedly stormed the peak of the great mountain and used her newly-broken through powers to annihilate the entire robbery gang."

    Ye Lan's expression held unbridled admiration as if he did not even see the shock in Ye Xingtian's eyes.

    Those Wolf's Fang Robbers weren't exactly weak yet she had single-handedly destroyed them?

    This... Are the heavens in reverse?

    "After destroying the Wolf's Fang Robbers, this girl used her powers to subdue the entire Black Rock City on her own."

    Without even waiting for Ye Xingtian to snap out of his stupor, Ye Lan made him completely dumbfounded again with this new piece of information.

    At the time, not even the tyrannical Wolf's Fang Robbers were able to subdue the proud and arrogant people of Black Rock City. Somehow, this girl had made the entire Black Rock City yield to her? It's no wonder that my father, who normally had extremely high expectations, would admire a twenty-year-old girl so greatly. And it's no wonder that he would devise plans around this girl.

    "Unfortunately..." Ye Lan signed disappointedly, "If Gu Ruoyun had given me a different request, I would definitely have agreed to it without any second thoughts! Only the Hell's Lotus was off limits! I've relied on the Hell's Lotus to sustain my life. If I was to lose the Hell's Lotus, that would mean that my time was up. I don't mind dying but I simply cannot leave the Ye family in peace. Even with my intentions to draw this girl to our side, what use is there even if she was a genius? Without the support of a Martial Supreme, my Ye family will be swallowed up by vicious enemies."

    "Father..." Ye Xingtian's eyes darkened, "If I could only continue my cultivation, perhaps you would not have such a huge burden."

    Ever since that incident, he had lost his ability to cultivate and has remained as a low-level Martial Honor since.

    Ye Xinglin's talent was not strong enough. He simply could not hold up the fort alone.

    "Forget about it, we'll play it by ear." Ye Lan laughed bitterly, "I owe the Gu girl for the situation regarding the Hell's Lotus so you must help her find information about the Hell's Lotus as soon as possible."

    Even so, Ye Lan knew how difficult this task would be.

    Years ago, he had narrowly escaped death for the sake of this particular Hell's Lotus. Accessing the other Hell's Lotus would probably be just as dangerous.

    Ye Xingtian said nothing else. All he knows was that he must fulfill his father's wishes no matter what.

    "Let's go, I'll show you what the Hell's Lotus looks like first. It will make things easier in your search."
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