Chapter 649: The Hells Lotus (5)

    Chapter 649: The Hell's Lotus (5)

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    Not many people would have confessed to stealing so proudly.

    Yet Ye Nuo could do it!

    "Ye Nuo!" Gu Ruoyun frowned, "I can tell you with utmost accuracy that I really want to save my husband-to-be. For him, even if I have to kill the whole world, I would do it without a frown. If the Hell's Lotus was in another family's hands, I would have taken it even if I had to slaughter everyone in my way! However, when it comes to friends, I cannot do this kind of thing."

    Ye Nuo was momentarily stunned. Based on his observations, Gu Ruoyun really needs this Hell's Lotus which meant that she would definitely have accepted it. However, she had rejected him...

    Just as he was about to speak, the room's door was violently pushed open and a burst of unmistakeable laughter sounded, drowning everything else.

    "What a concerned friend, you can't bring yourself to do such a thing. Gu girl, I certainly had not misjudged you."


    As he noticing the two men who had just walked into the room, Ye Nuo hurriedly hid the bag in his arms and pushed it behind Gu Ruoyun.

    "Don't come any closer, I'm not going to give you the Hell's Lotus. This is my engagement present for Bodyguard Gu, I'm not giving it to anyone else!"

    "You b*stard!"

    Ye Xingtian was thoroughly enraged. He hurriedly stepped forward, scooped Ye Nuo up in one swoop and landed his hand right smack on his buttocks. He was so angry that his hand trembled. He roared as veins began to pop beneath his skin, "Do you know how much of a disaster you've caused?"

    He used quite a lot of strength in that slap and tears nearly rolled down Ye Nuo's eyes from the pain. However, he managed to hold the tears in to reply in a resolute voice.

    "I only wanted to help Bodyguard Gu in saving someone!"

    "You..." Ye Xingtian was extremely furious, "Do you know how important the Hell's Lotus is to your grandfather? If it wasn't for the Hell's Lotus' help all these years, your grandfather would have long died from the effects of a toxic poison. By stealing the Hell's Lotus, you're going to responsible for your grandfather's death."


    Ye Nuo was thoroughly shocked. His twinkling eyes looked at Ye Lan in disbelief as he spoke with a mild tremble in his voice, "Grandfather, is this true?"


    Ye Lan glared fiercely at Ye Xingtian before taking a few big steps forward. He snatched Ye Nuo from Ye Xingtian's hands and hugged him tightly. His face was filled with heartache.

    "Can't you use a little less force when you're hitting someone? What if you end up breaking my precious grandson?"

    One should not make assumptions just because Ye Lan was always yelling about teaching Ye Nuo a lesson. In actual fact, if one had asked him to actually hit the boy, he could never bear it!


    Ye Nuo tightly grabbed onto Ye Lan's robes as his little body trembled.

    "Is Father speaking the truth? Is he?"

    At that moment, the adorable little cherubic face had grown increasingly pale, causing Ye Lan to feel extremely heartbroken. He glared irritably at Ye Xingtian as if he blamed him for blurting out the truth of the matter.

    "Nuo'er, I've always wanted you to work hard in your cultivation with the hope that I could nurture you while I'm still alive. This way, Grandfather can be at peace."

    He sighed as he explained bitterly.

    Ye Nuo's hand slowly loosened its grip. Sparkling and translucent tears began rolling down his pale little face.

    All these years, he had always thought that as long as his grandfather was around, no one would dare to lay a hand on the Ye family! It was because of this that his greed for having fun became second nature to him. He even felt irritated whenever his grandfather chastised or treated him sternly.

    Yet he never knew that the reason why his grandfather always wanted him to work hard in his cultivation was because his days were now numbered...

    "Little girl," Ye Lan laughed bitterly and turned to Gu Ruoyun, "In truth, all these years, the poison in my system has gradually built up a resistance against the power of the Hell's Lotus. I've been lying to everyone else including myself, hoping that the Hell's Lotus could allow me to stay alive for just a few more years. However, one day, I will surely leave! Since Nuo'er has given the Hell's Lotus to you, I have nothing more to say. I can give you this Hell's Lotus on one condition! Take over the Ye family! I believe that with your talent, it won't be long until you've reached the rank of a Martial Supreme."
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