Chapter 652: Remedy (3)

    Chapter 652: Remedy (3)

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    "I'll do as you've bidden, Father."

    Ye Xingtian bowed and his voice was full of reverence.

    With that, Ye Lan waved his hand and left the courtyard, gradually disappearing from Ye Xingtian's view.

    Three days!

    In these three days, Ye Lan would visit Gu Ruoyun's little courtyard to commence his treatment every day. Each visit lasted the entire day and he would only return to his room during sunset. Every time Ye Lan visited Gu Ruoyun for medication, Ye Xingtian would clear the area and used various excuses to bar anyone from entering for the sake of preventing an information leak.

    Coupled with the fact that Gu Ruoyun had not left her quarters during these past three days, no one else knew about her existence besides Ye Xingtian and his father. By extension, no one was aware that she was helping to get rid of Ye Lan's poison.

    Now, under the glow of the setting sun, Gu Ruoyun was in the large courtyard after she had just escorted Ye Lan on his way out. Suddenly, she bumped into a figure who was hurrying towards her. Unable to react, she stumbled back.

    The person who had bumped into her fell to the ground with a thump, letting out a delicate yelp.

    "You..." The person rubbed her throbbing buttocks and scrambled to her feet. She was just about to scold the blind person but was astonished when she raised her head, "How could it be you?"

    Gu Ruoyun frowned and looked at the woman before her. She calmly asked, "Who are you?"

    Could this be the most hurtful feeling she can experience? When she holds a bone-deep hatred towards another yet they have completely forgotten who she was.

    Nangong Yue trembled in anger and was about to spout abuse in a very loud manner until she quickly remembered that this was the Ye family home and forced herself to contain her raging anger. She gritted her teeth and said, "You're not going to apologize after bumping into me?"

    "My apologies, I didn't look where I was going. You also weren't paying attention as well so this matter wasn't entirely my fault." Gu Ruoyun swept her gaze towards Nangong Yue as her voice sounded crisp and clear like a breeze on a cloudless sky.

    However, it was just this very attitude that infuriates Nangong Yue even more.

    She scoffed and her eyes filled with an icy chill, "You can stop looking so serene all the time, it's disgusting! You're clearly a vulgar, gold-digging woman! No wonder you had no interest in becoming my bodyguard, you've come to the Ye family to become a servant girl! However, servant girls should know their place. I'm still your master after all! Is a word of apology really enough after bumping into me?"

    This damned girl, she had previously damaged my reputation so much. Now I've finally caught her!

    So what if she has entered the Ye family? She was only a lowly servant girl, her status would be nowhere as high as mine. Doesn't that mean that it's entirely up to me if I wanted to bully this girl however I want?

    "Damned girl, you should never have entered the Ye family home. You've completely handed me the opportunity to torture you!"

    "Sorry," Gu Ruoyun furrowed her brows, "Will you please excuse me, I've got other matters to attend to."

    "Stop right there!"

    Seeing that Gu Ruoyun was about to leave, Nangong Yue blocked her way in a flash. Her arrogant face now displayed a disdainful smile, "Damned girl, you're trying to leave? It won't be that easy. Now, this Lady is hungry. Aren't you going to prepare me some food?"

    The servant girls of the Ye family do not wear a particular uniform. As such, from the moment she had seen her, Nangong Yue immediately assumed she was a servant in the Ye household.

    To her, this woman could not possibly be a member of the Ye family and would have no means of striking up an intimate relationship with anyone in the Ye family. That means that she could only become a servant girl. After all, being a servant girl of the Ye family, the number one family in the Banished Lands, would carry a higher level of prestige and power.

    "Lady Nangong, has something happened?"
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