Chapter 653: Remedy (4)

    Chapter 653: Remedy (4)

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    The commotion between the two women had attracted the attention of several Ye family disciples. They surrounded the two women and questioned them about the situation.

    "It's nothing, I've merely bumped into an acquaintance." Nangong Yue slowly steadied her features at the sight of the gathering crowd.

    "An acquaintance?"

    "Yes," Nangong Yue laughed icily and fixed her gaze upon Gu Ruoyun. A fierce light flashed in her eyes, "She can also be considered as my father's concubine except that my father never gave her the title. I simply address her as my father's concubine out of pity. In all honesty, her existence has no solid standing."

    To Nangong Yue, to say that she was her father's concubine would be placing her on a pedestal.

    To say that she was the governor of Black Rock City was simply a lie that my father had concocted for this woman's sake! Even though I'm no match for this woman, she can't possibly have the capability to become the governor of Black Rock City alone.

    Also, so what if she's the governor of Black Rock City? I have my engagement with brother Yu, do I still need to be afraid of a woman like her?

    "How should I put it, she's only a servant girl who warms the bed of the governor of Tranquil Mountain City?"

    Hearing this, a man immediately spoke up as he stepped out. His eyes stared disdainfully at Gu Ruoyun, holding an unmistakeable revulsion.

    Lady Nangong was Sir Yu's bride-to-be. Naturally, he needed to suck up to her. If she was to speak up for him in front of Ye Yu, perhaps he would have a chance to enter the Ye family's law enforcement office.

    When he saw such a grand opportunity, obviously he had to stand up for Nangong Yue.

    "This girl sure has the audacity. You're in the presence of our Lady, aren't you going to kneel? As the true-born heiress of the governor of Tranquil Mountain City, even your father's little concubine should pay her respect and bow before you once she sees you!"

    However, when he saw that Gu Ruoyun still made no move to bow, the man's face sank.

    "Servant girl, did you hear what I've just said? Get on your knees immediately and knock your head on the ground a few times! Then we'll let you leave in peace."

    When she heard someone standing up for her, Nangong Yue laughed coldly. After all, this was the Ye family home and she was a newcomer. Troubling a little servant girl would not count for much but if the young masters from the direct line of family lineage found out about this, they would begin to suspect her character.

    Otherwise, she would have rushed at her and fought with her from the moment she had laid eyes on this sl*t!

    In order to avoid causing trouble for Brother Yu, she had forced herself to contain that urge.

    Just as the man thought that Gu Ruoyun was going to kneel and bow down, the clear and cold-eyed woman turned away from everyone and headed out of the courtyard without excusing herself.

    The latter's condescending look had thoroughly angered the man who roared angrily and charged towards her.

    "Damned girl, you stop right there."


    Flames erupted from Gu Ruoyun's body, spiraling towards the man's chest. Before he could realize what was going on, the flames had thrown him out of the way and he slammed violently into the ground.

    The woman's light and airy words, in a voice devoid of emotion, fell into his ears.

    "You let others manipulate you but you're only counting money for them so you better shape up! As for you, Nangong Yue, do not do anything more than three times. If there's a third time, it will be the time of your death!"

    Then, her delicate and cool figure slowly disappeared along with the setting sun. She did not bother to even look at the people behind her.

    Nangong Yue's face had turned ashen. She clenched her fist so tightly that it shook and her eyes were filled with hatred.

    "Damned girl! You'd dare to cross me. I'll make it so that even you won't know how you died."

    Shes only a measly little servant girl. Even if her powers are formidable, it will never change her identity as a servant girl. As a member of the law enforcement office, brother Yu has the right to send anyone out of the Ye family home!

    As long as she's out of the Ye family, I'll have ways to torture her into a fate worse than death!
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