Chapter 654: Remedy (5)

    Chapter 654: Remedy (5)

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    Holy City.

    This was the first time Gu Ruoyun had walked the streets of the Holy City since her arrival at the Ye family home.

    It goes without saying that the streets of Holy City were indeed flourishing. Most importantly even the average citizen in Holy City carried powerful auras.

    At this moment, at a tavern in Holy City, a man was sitting quietly in front of a window in a compartment on the second floor. His golden eyes were narrowed slightly as he gently swirled the wine cup in his hand. His eyes were fixed upon the crowd below.

    This man was extremely handsome. His facial features were exquisite, like a divine portrait. His fair, white skin was flawless - one could not find a single blemish at all. His lips were puckered into a smile but no one could tell what lay beneath his deep eyes.

    His beauty does not have Zixie's demonic enchantment nor was it like Qianbei Ye's stunning, mesmerizing looks. His was a beauty which carried a heroic spirit. His entire body, from top to toe, simply oozes the aura of a sovereign ruler who had descended upon the mortal world. Just by standing next to him, one would unconsciously be seized by the urge to serve him.

    Especially since this man had a pair of golden eyes which were so beautiful that one would find it difficult to look away.


    Suddenly, on the ground floor, a familiar figure appeared within his line of sight. The man's beautiful yet domineering golden eyes narrowed immediately and he rose swiftly from his seat. His body immediately turned into a golden ray of light and quickly leaped from the second floor.

    Now, his face no longer held its initial calm demeanor. His eyes were filled with anxiety.

    "Was it her? No! Impossible! I must be seeing things. Yun'er is already dead, she can't possibly appear anymore."

    As he watched the people coming and going along the street, the man's heart slowly sank into an abyss, "She had lost her life a few years ago. How could she possibly appear in the Banished Lands now? Besides, without achieving the rank of Martial Supreme, one would never be able to leave the Banished Lands."

    The man laughed bitterly at the subject, "Perhaps I've been missing her far too much all these years which has led to my blurry vision. Even her father had said that she's already dead. Perhaps she's truly gone."

    He took one last look at the crowded street and returned to the tavern.



    Along the streets, Gu Ruoyun had sensed something before she slowly shook her head. She turned towards the street behind her and frowned, "I seemed to have sensed a familiar aura just a while ago. Could it be that I was mistaken?"

    Gu Ruoyun shook her head at the thought then continued to move forward without a second look back.

    If she had only turned her head again, she would have seen the man who had flown down from the tavern's second floor. Just because she had not turned for a second look, she had missed that figure altogether...

    At a tavern compartment.

    The man had just sat down and had yet to recompose himself from his previous disappointment when a voice sounded from the communication tablet in his hand.

    "What is it?"

    He wrinkled his brows and asked.

    "Big Brother Jin, when are you coming back?"

    The voice was extremely gentle and loveable, anyone who heard it would find it difficult to remain unmoved.

    "After a month, I think."

    The man sighed. No matter what, Xia Chuxue was Yun'er's little sister. Despite how much I dislike her, for Yun'er's sake, I can't just ignore the members of the Xia family. Otherwise, Yun'er will not feel at peace in her death.

    "Alright, then Chuxue shall wait for Big Brother Jin." The voice from the communications tablet paused before speaking again, "Big Brother Jin, Big Sister is already dead. It's time for you to forget her as well."


    The man's golden eyes sank and he spoke in an icy tone, "Chuxue, because you are Yun'er's sister, I will protect the Xia family. I also have no wish to see her family destroyed in one day! However, I will never forget the trials and tribulations I've once shared with her during our friendship! If she's truly dead, then I must remember her for the rest of my life. If you say anything like this again, from now on, the livelihood of the Xia family, whether they live or die, will have nothing to do with me!"
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