Chapter 655: Qianbei Ye Awakens (1)

    Chapter 655: Qianbei Ye Awakens (1)

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    After throwing out those fierce words, the man angrily tossed the token aside. He rubbed his throbbing head and muttered, "Yun'er, wouldn't it be great if you were still alive? Don't worry, I'll definitely find the murderer responsible for your death. I will make them accompany you in your grave even if I have to travel to the ends of the earth!"

    A murderous intent flitted across the man's beautiful golden eyes as the aura from within him began to rise. It exploded like a hurricane and immediately destroyed all the furniture in sight.

    After that short moment, the entire tavern slowly became silent...


    The East Peak Mainland at the Xia family home.

    Xia Chuxue gripped the token tightly in her hand and her pure, jade-white face was filled with hatred. Loathing and jealousy burned like vicious flames within her heart.

    "Xia Ruoyun, you're already dead! Why won't you leave Big Brother Jin's heart? I, Xia Chuxue, am better than you in every aspect. I will never accept that I'm no better than you, a dead person!"

    All she needed was time, she would make the whole world forget about that woman.


    Just then, a voice was sounded from behind her.

    Xia Chuxue turned around to face the man behind her. Her expression became calmer but her voice was no longer the gentle and lovable tone she had used on Jin Di.

    "Big Brother Lu, was there something that you need?"

    Lu Shaochen shot Xia Chuxue a complicated look before replying, "I've increased more men in our search party but not only were we unable to locate the Ancient Divine Pagoda, we were not able to find Xia Ruoyun's body as well. Didn't she have a highly-skilled doctor as her master? Perhaps that old man had saved her?"


    Xia Chuxue laughed icily and said, "Xia Ruoyun is most certainly dead. She could not possibly have survived such fatal injuries. As for that old man, he has always suspected the Xia family for Xia Ruoyun's death but because of the unfortunate fact that he does not have sufficient evidence, he has not made any move against us! However, leaving this fellow alone will cause trouble for us in the future. Luckily, Jin Di happens to be searching for Xia Ruoyun's murderer as well. We can make them kill each other!"

    Lu Shaochen gently furrowed his brows, "Isn't this a bad idea? After all, that old man was Xia Ruoyun's master. We're already responsible for Xia Ruoyun's death, so..."

    "What!" Xia Chuxue sneered, "Have you gone soft or do you still have lingering feelings for Xia Ruoyun? Don't forget that it was you who had dismembered Xia Linyu alive and you had also caused Xia Ruoyun's death. You should know the consequences that will befall you if that old man finds out about this! That old man has always been a shield and he was Xia Ruoyun was his most cherished pupil! We're lucky that big brother Jin wasn't too clear on the inner workings of the Xia family and has always assumed that father and I were very close to her. That's why he's helping us!"

    Every time she thought of Xia Ruoyun's position in Jin Di's heart, Xia Chuxue would go mad with hatred.  If that woman had not snatched the Ancient Divine Pagoda away, perhaps I would have already caught up to Jin Di's good graces.

    Grandfather is also another idiot, it is I who is the reincarnation of the Ancient Divine Phoenix. Why had he given the Ancient Divine Pagoda to her?

    If it wasn't for Grandfather's extreme stupidity, the incidents during the aftermath would never have happened and naturally, Xia Ruoyun would never have died.

    I wonder if that old man would feel any remorse once he's seen all of this.


    Lu Shaochen hardened his heart and said, "Let me handle this matter. No matter what, I'll turn Jin Di and Xia Ruoyun's master into mortal enemies! Perhaps we could manipulate Jin Di into getting rid of that old man."

    Besides, I've already committed one sin, killing another won't count for much.
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