Chapter 658: Qianbei Ye Awakens (4)

    Chapter 658: Qianbei Ye Awakens (4)

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    Because of this, he had waited for her to return before probing the situation.

    As for Nangong Yue's request in asking him to chase this woman out of the Ye family home, he still had no way of doing it until he was able to correctly determine this woman's true identity. Just in case she truly has some connection to Ye Nuo, by then, even the Eldest Young Master certainly would not spare him.

    Cough, cough!

    They had caught Gu Ruoyun by surprise when they knocked down the door. She immediately spat a mouthful of blood onto Qianbei Ye. A cold light flashed across her pale face but at a time like this, she has to control the power within her body and did not have the time to bother with these people.

    "Brother Yu, why are you treating a mere servant girl with such courtesy? She's only my father's concubine. Even if, by a stroke of luck, the Ye family had chosen her to be a servant girl, she's still an only an underling. Let's just chase her out and be done with it."

    Nangong Yue knit her crescent-shaped eyebrows irritably.  I just can't understand why Ye Yu would want to waste his time and speak to this servant girl at all!

    "Yue'er." Ye Yu frowned and shot Nangong Yue a look, cutting her off. He then turned towards Gu Ruoyun and asked, "Miss, I'm going to ask you this again. Who are you and have you really caused harm to the disciples of the Ye family?"

    Gu Ruoyun continued to ignore him as her arms hugged the man in her embrace as tightly as possible. Her clear, cold eyes only showed a hint of warmth whenever she looked at the silver-haired man.

    When he saw that Gu Ruoyun had ignored his questions, Ye Yu also became incensed. It doesn't matter whether she's acquainted with Little Master Ye Nuo or not, I'm still a member of the Ye family law enforcement office after all. She had hurt a disciple in the Ye family home and has completely ignored our laws. Even if this reaches the Eldest Young Master's ears, I have a definitive reason to have her thrown out of the house.

    So, after being ignored by this woman, Ye Yu slowly stepped forward and raised his hand. He intended to drag her out of the way and see what she had been holding on to.

    At that moment...

    A pair of blood-red eyes, devoid of any warmth, slowly opened and stared straight at him.

    Ye Yu felt his heart tremble as if he had just seen something utterly terrifying and quickly staggered back. In that instant, his heart nearly stopped as an endless terror began to take over.

    How many people does one have to kill in order to create such a bloodthirsty look in their eyes?

    "You... You..."

    Ye Yu was so scared that he began to sputter as he stared fearfully at that pair of blood-red eyes.

    "Xiao Ye?"

    Gu Ruoyun was astonished. As she looked at the man whose eyes were now open, her heart brimmed with happy surprise. Her clear, cold eyes were now filled with excitement as she said, "Xiao Ye, you're finally awake?"

    Qianbei Ye did not seem to hear Gu Ruoyun at all. He slowly got off the bed and headed towards Ye Yu who had long begun to speak incoherently.

    "What do you think you're doing?"

    Ye Yu took a step back in fear. He has never met a man with such a powerful and terrifying aura before.

    Perhaps, in the entire Ye family, only Lord Master could stand a chance against him.


    Qianbei Ye waved his hand and a powerful force sent Ye Yu flying. A popping sound emanated from his body and he almost fainted from fear. He now felt regretful for listening to Nangong Yue in the first place and coming here to investigate this woman.

    If I had known that there was such a terrifying presence in her room, I would never have come!
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