Chapter 660: Nangong Yues Tragedy (1)

    Chapter 660: Nangong Yue's Tragedy (1)

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    Without warning, the man's large hand began to squeeze her neck powerfully and choke her. He flashed a devastating smile which also held a bloodthirsty murderous intent.

    "Do you know that you're inviting death with your words?!"

    The feeling of pain and suffocation caused Nangong Yue to snap out of her starry-eyed infatuation. She stared in astonishment at the face which was just mere inches away from hers and her eyes instantly filled with fear.



    Qianbei Ye violently threw Nangong Yue out of the way. Her body crashed into a wall and caused the entire wall to collapse. The rubble fell on her body and covered it, leaving only her head, which was staring in terror at Qianbei Ye, visible.

    Gu Ruoyun had been standing next to Qianbei Ye since the beginning. Her eyes were clear and cold and only showed a hint of warmth when they gazed upon the man.

    After a long pause, her gaze finally fell upon Nangong Yue. Her pure and delicate face broke into a calm smile.

    "Nangong Yue, you seemed to have forgotten my words. I had once warned you not to do anything more than three times. I've already let you off twice. This time, I would no longer spare you from your fate."

    "Cough, cough!" Nangong Yue coughed drily and glared hatefully at Gu Ruoyun, "This is the Ye family home and you had the audacity to raise your hand against me. The Ye family will never let a little servant girl like you get away with this!"

    "Little servant girl? Where's the servant girl? Woman, who are you calling a little servant girl?"

    Suddenly, a childish but strong voice rang aloud from behind Nangong Yue.

    Before Nangong Yue could make sense of the situation, a small figure hurriedly rushed towards Gu Ruoyun. However, just as he was getting close to her, a large hand picked him up and tossed him away. As luck would have it, he landed butt first on Nangong Yue's head.

    He then farted loudly and Nangong Yue almost fainted from the smell.

    When has she, Nangong Yue, ever had to endure such an insult? She immediately flew into a mad rage but her body was partially buried by the destroyed wall and she was completely immobilized. All she could do was to scream loudly, "You brat, have you no upbringing? Get away from me!"

    As she spoke, Nangong Yue missed the change in Ye Yu's expression.

    "Ye Yu, who's this?"

    Ye Nuo leaped up from Nangong Yue's head before dusting off his buttocks and glancing at Ye Yu. He then turned towards a pale Nangong Yue, wrinkled his adorable brows and exclaimed, "Why have I not seen her before? Why have you not thrown her out of the Ye family home yet?"

    She had the audacity to call Bodyguard Gu a little servant girl! How dare she!

    "Hehe." Nangong Yue sneered, and scoffed "Who the hell are you? This little brat actually wants to kick me out of the Ye family home? Does this Ye family belong to you? What a dumb f*ck."

    Nangong Yue had been spoiled rotten by the governor long ago in Tranquil Mountain City. As such, she does not put much thought into her actions and words. Not only had she failed to notice the ashen look on Ye Yu's face, she had not even paid attention to the way Ye Nuo had addressed him.

    "Yue'er, shut your mouth!" Ye Yu hurriedly yelled back at Nangong Yue, fearing that whatever she would say next would set the heavens on fire. He then turned towards Ye Nuo and threw himself to the ground, "Little Master, Yue'er is young and does not know any better. Please, Little Master, spare her on account of my industrious and conscientious contributions to the Ye family."

    Little Master?

    Nangong Yue felt dazed.  In the entire Ye family, only one person would ever be addressed by that title.

    The only son of the Eldest Young Master, Ye Xingtian, who is also the only third generation heir to the Ye family - Little Master Ye Nuo!
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