Chapter 661: Nangong Yues Tragedy (2)

    Chapter 661: Nangong Yue's Tragedy (2)

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    This little brat is Little Master Ye Nuo?

    At this moment, Nangong Yue's expression was an extremely ugly sight to behold. Her mind simply refused to comprehend why Little Master Ye Nuo had appeared here in the first place.

    "Young?" Ye Nuo rolled his eyes and replied cockily, "I'm only ten years old. Is this woman younger than me?"

    Ye Yu's argument that a twenty-year-old adult was young and does not know any better in front of a ten-year-old child shows that his brain was full of holes as well!

    "Yue'er, apologize to the Little Master!"

    Ye Yu quickly shot Nangong Yue a look and spoke urgently.

    Nangong Yue's entire face was flushed red. He's asking me to apologize to a ten-year-old child in front of this woman. I'll never be able to live this down!

    "I truly should never have insulted you, Little Master. To tell the truth, I had been dragged into behaving this way! This woman is too much of an intolerable bully. I've also entered the Ye family so how could she bully me like that? Not only had she seduced my father, she had humiliated me as well! I simply cannot swallow this rage!"

    Ye Nuo was thoroughly enraged. His youthful little face turned red and he glared fiercely at Ye Yu.

    "Take this woman away and have her locked up in the law enforcement office!"

    She dared to accuse Bodyguard Gu of seducing her father? She had not even bothered to check Bodyguard Gu's status at all. Unless Bodyguard Gu was f*cking blind, then yeah, she would probably have seduced her father! With such a young and outstanding person like me around, why would Bodyguard Gu even want to seduce a dried up old man?

    "Little Master."

    Ye Yu's entire face had turned anxious and he pleaded bitterly, "The punishments in the law enforcement office are too harsh, how can a woman like Yue'er endure it? Little Master, why don't we speak to the Second Young Master first and let him judge the situation."

    The Second Young Master Ye Xinglin was the kindest person in the Ye household and was also the easiest to talk to. As long as I can speak to him, Yue'er can be spared from being punished.

    Furthermore, it was Gu Ruoyun who had first provoked the matter. If she had not raised her hand against a disciple of the Ye family, the following events would never have happened.

    "Why do we need to look for Second Uncle?" Ye Nuo laughed coldly, "If you really want, you might as well look for my father or my grandfather! I'd really like to see who's going to stand up for you!"

    Whether it was Bodyguard Gu or these people who had been in the wrong, my father would always help Bodyguard Gu unconditionally.

    This is based on the fact that he's still pinning his hopes on Gu Ruoyun to heal that old man. Right now, in the Ye family, nothing is more important than the old man.

    As for that old man, it's even better. He would always go by favoritism rather than rationality! Who cares who's right or wrong, in the eyes of that old man, the ones in the wrong will definitely be Ye Yu and that woman!

    Most importantly, I really don't think that Bodyguard Gu would provoke anyone without rhyme or reason so these people must have provoked her first. Since that's the case, even if Bodyguard Gu ends up killing them, I'll always stand on her side anyway.

    However, Ye Yu let out a sigh of relief when he heard this.

    Whether it's the Eldest Young Master or the Second Young Master, they're much easier to talk to than the stubborn Little Master Ye Nuo. As long as I can meet with them, Yue'er's life can remain intact this time...


    Qianbei Ye lightly narrowed his eyes and circled his arm tightly around Gu Ruoyun's waist. His voice held the sour taste of jealousy, "You're really sweeping the deck with both the young and old!"

    Gu Ruoyun coughed in embarrassment. Honestly, when she had been proposed to by a ten-year-old child, she had felt a surge of discomfort throughout her entire being. It was a particularly awkward feeling...

    "Xiao Ye, actually, Ye Nuo is only feeling too lonely. He doesn't have anyone in the Ye family who is at the same age as him and he doesn't have any brothers or sisters. Everyone else dreads him, fears him and respects him. That's why he has become so reliant on me and said that he wants to marry me. He really just wants a person who will treat him equally and to keep him company."
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