Chapter 663: Nangong Yues Tragedy (4)

    Chapter 663: Nangong Yue's Tragedy (4)

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    The flames of Ye Xingtian's anger was growing bigger and bigger. His palm landed violently on the table and he exclaimed furiously, "Ye Yu, what are you doing here? And who is this woman next to you? Has the Ye household suddenly become a free-for-all where anyone can just come in?"

    Ye Yu's entire face was filled with grief, he did not understand why the Eldest Young Master would scold him before even asking about the situation.

    Even though the Eldest Young Master was not as kind as the Second Young Master, he was not an unreasonable man. What is really going on to cause him to yell at me before enquiring about the situation?

    "Eldest Young Master, I just found out that the Hell's Lotus is missing and accidentally overheard Little Master Ye Nuo saying that he had stolen the Hell's Lotus and given it to this woman. I want to report the incident to the Eldest Young Master."

    As he spoke, Ye Yu took one look at the woman who was nestled against Qianbei Ye's embrace and sneered.

    This silver-haired man is indeed powerful but the Ye family still has the Lord Master. They call him the number one cultivator in the Banished Lands. If the Lord Master was to appear, he might be able to defeat this man!

    Hearing this, everyone else in the great hall began whispering amongst themselves. The stolen Hell's Lotus was too much of a serious matter. Most importantly, the thief happened to be the Little Master.

    If the Master was to find out about this, the Little Master will suffer a heavy sentence. It would be difficult for these people to escape death!

    "Utter rubbish!"

    Ye Xingtian's expression darkened and a raging flame burned in his eyes, "The Hell's Lotus is in my father's hands. I saw it with my own eyes just a while ago. You claim that Nuo'er had stolen the Hell's Lotus? Do you have proof?"

    It was Father who had given the Hell's Lotus to Gu Ruoyun. However, everyone else was still being kept in the dark about the matter. In order to avoid giving those troublemakers any opportunity, we cannot let anyone know about this.

    Ye Yu was momentarily dazed and said, "I heard the Little Master confess to it personally. There's certainly no mistake about it."

    "Oh?" Ye Xingtian looked at Ye Nuo, winked at him, and asked, "Is this true?"

    Ye Nuo immediately understood what his father really meant and took a few steps to stand in front of the crowd. His little fist landed on Ye Yu's body with a loud bang.

    Ye Yu did not dare to oppose Ye Nuo. His body was immediately sent stumbling back. His handsome face was full of fiery rage but he dared not say a thing.

    "You f*cker, saying that I had stolen the Hell's Lotus!" Ye Nuo's fists landed one after another as his mouth continued to cold incessantly, "Which ear of yours had heard me say such things? You dare to slander me!"

    Faced with a flurry of fists, Ye Yu simply did not dare to fight back, terrified that he would be met with great opposition if he laid his hands on Ye Nuo. As such, he could only continue dodging the attacks, gritting his teeth hatefully.

    "Alright." Ye Xingtian raised his hand, stopping Ye Nuo and said, "Nuo'er, tell Father. What was your dispute about?"

    "Eldest Young Master."

    Without waiting for Ye Nuo to speak, Nangong Yue knelt and moved a few steps forward, bowing down fiercely. Her eyes were filled with grief and anger.

    "Please make a decision for us. This woman had raised her hand and harmed a member of the Ye family. I could not bear the sight of it so I had asked brother Yu to avenge the family disciple!" As Nangong Yue spoke, she raised her head and looked at Gu Ruoyun. She continued to speak with shivering righteousness, "Ever since I've entered the Ye family household, I've kept the Ye family's benevolence in mind. The Ye family are my benefactors and I love this family deeply. As such, I could not stand the sight of the Ye family disciples being bullied and stood up for them. I had done this for the sake of the Ye family."
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