Chapter 664: Nangong Yues Tragedy (5)

    Chapter 664: Nangong Yue's Tragedy (5)

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    Hearing those words, everyone present immediately began to nod their heads. Obviously, in their eyes, Nangong Yue was a person who was always thinking of the good of the Ye family. Gu Ruoyun had hurt one of the Ye family's disciple, her crime was unforgivable!

    "Is that so?"

    Ye Xingtian asked as he looked at Gu Ruoyun.

    Gu Ruoyun smiled, not seeing it as a big deal, "I was merely teaching a lesson to a dog who had blocked my way."


    The crowd immediately went into a frenzy.

    Nobody could have imagined that this woman would possess such a high degree of arrogance. Even when faced with so many members of the Ye family, she had dared to spout such words. Does she no longer wish to live?

    Also, in this sense, she had indirectly confessed to Nangong Yue's accusations.

    Ye Xingtian laughed bitterly.  This girl, does she not understand the meaning of denial? As long as she denies it, I can have this woman thrown out of the Ye family under the crime of false accusation. However, she's really too smart by immediately confessing like that. Is she trying to make things difficult for me?

    "Nuo'er, you tell me. What happened, exactly?"

    Ye Xingtian could only place his final hopes on his own son.

    Of course, Ye Nuo did not disappoint. He immediately rose to his feet and replied with a cocky look on his face, "Father, you must make a decision in Bodyguard Gu's stead! This woman is simply an intolerable bully. She publicly ran to Bodyguard Gu's room to humiliate her. However, the most vicious thing is that she had slandered Bodyguard Gu by accusing her of seducing her father. She's even announced in public that Bodyguard Gu is her father's concubine! I heard the whispers from outsiders about this matter and ran to find Bodyguard Gu, only to catch this woman in a vain attempt to fool around with Bodyguard Gu's eldest husband!"

    The more Ye Nuo talked about it, the angrier he felt. His little face turned very red indeed.

    "Woman, you should take a look in the mirror and assess your morality and conduct as well. That father of yours is a dried up old man, how good can he really be?! Bodyguard Gu has an outstanding and splendid eldest husband with me as her second husband. Would she even give your damned father a second look? If you don't believe me, Father, I can call on the disciples of the Ye family as witnesses. Especially the guy who had been beaten up by Bodyguard Gu. At that time, they had believed in this woman's words so they had caused trouble for Bodyguard Gu."

    Qianbei Ye's eyes slowly darkened and the hand that held Gu Ruoyun's hand tightened its grip.

    Based on the fact that this child is helping Yun'er, I will overlook the way he's addressing me!

    "Ahem." Ye Xingtian's face displaced a clear awkwardness and he looked at Gu Ruoyun. He exclaimed with an embarrassed note in his voice, "Lady Gu, Nuo'er didn't really mean to address you in that manner so please don't do not take it to heart. As for the grievances you've had to endure in the Ye household, I will make a decision!"

    His eyes then turned towards Nangong Yue.

    The man's expression lost the courtesy that he had displayed towards Gu Ruoyun. His handsome face was masked with an icy chill and his eyes were filled with an icy aura.

    "Ye Yu, you've consciously gone against the law and connived with another to abuse an honored Ye family guest. I want you to stew in your own juices and no one would be allowed to take you in! As for you... Nangong Yue, you've slandered her and impersonated as a member of the Ye family. Your crime... Should not be faced with punishment from the Ye family. I will hand you over to Lady Gu. Whether you live or die, she will make the decision!"

    Ye Xingtian paused before continuing, "Besides, Lady Gu is Nuo'er's friend and is also an honored guest in the Ye household. If anyone dares to treat her without courtesy, they shall be punished with the maximum sentence!"

    These words clearly gave Gu Ruoyun the highest form of security in the Ye family.

    From now on, no one in the Ye family dared to cross her again.

    Ye Yu's face was ashen. He does not know Gu Ruoyun's true identity nor does he know why the Eldest Young Master, who usually handled matters impartially, would help her without even bothering to look for proof.

    Furthermore, he has even given her the most honored treatment in the Ye family.
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