Chapter 669: The Divine Beast, Vermillion Bird (5)

    Chapter 669: The Divine Beast, Vermillion Bird (5)

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    The stone door was pushed open and a woman dressed in white entered the room. She turned towards the venting firebird, slowly stepped forward and smiled, "Lord Vermillion Bird, has someone angered you and caused you to lose your temper?"


    The Vermillion Bird scoffed, "You said that you had information about my friends. Why haven't I received any news by now? If you don't find my friends, I will destroy your Xia family."

    "Lord Vermillion Bird, please rest assured. We know where your friends are. However, finding them will require a bit of time since the East Peak Mainland is so large. Finding one person isn't that easy, right?"

    These humans are too vile!

    Just a few days ago, I had managed to escape my prison with great difficulty and happened to encounter these humans. I only wanted to ask if they had any information about my friends and these humans then told me that they had seen the Azure Dragon and the rest! So, I had followed them.

    In the end, after my arrival, they made me sit in this stone chamber. It's been many days and I've not received any news at all!

    It's been so many years. I don't know where the Azure Dragon and the rest are or if they have been captured by that person.

    "Lord Vermillion Bird, my father has indeed seen your friends. So as long as you remain here for a few months, we will definitely help you locate them." Xia Chuxue smiled as a light flashed across the lower lids of her eyes.

    This firebird was really an idiot. Just a few words from me had fooled it into coming here so easily.

    As for the news of Father having met the Azure Dragon, it had all been a ruse to fool this firebird into coming back with me. Who has the time to help it search for its friends? At this rate, we just need to continue deceiving it so that once the Xia family gets rid of Jin Di, we'll have another powerful backer.

    The only thing is, I did not expect this firebird to have such an uncontrollable temper. It's been only a few days and it's already flying into an uncontrollable rage.

    "Out! Get out!"

    The Vermillion Bird opened its mouth and aimed a wave of flames towards Xia Chuxue as he screamed furiously, "If you cannot find the Azure Dragon and the rest, don't come and see me at all!"

    Of course, that blast of flame was not very strong and Xia Chuxue was able to avoid it easily.

    After all, it was still holding on to the hope that these people would help it find the Azure Dragon.

    "Make yourself at home, Lord Vermillion Bird, I'll let you know if I have any more news."

    Xia Chuxue smiled and took her leave.

    If I'm unable to use Jin Di to kill Bai Zhongtian this time, I have no choice but to manipulate this stupid bird into doing my bidding! This bird will definitely listen to my commands for the sake of finding its friends. I've coincidentally managed to use this to control it.

    "Xia Ruoyun, it's a pity that you're no longer here. Otherwise, I'll definitely make you take a good look at my capabilities! You had utilized graceful words and flowery speeches to deceive grandfather's Ancient Divine Pagoda into your hands but what's the use? You still have no way of forming a contract with it. As for me? I've obtained such a powerful spiritual beast. Based on your capabilities, you'll never be able to control the Vermillion Bird, a member of the Four Divine Beasts."

    Xia Chuxue smiled cockily. Her smile was full of malice. If Xia Ruoyun was still alive, I'll definitely make everyone overlook her prestige.

    I'll make her understand that it's me who holds the number one position in the Xia family!

    She is nothing!

    As she walked out of the stone chamber, she closed the stone door and left without even looking back.


    A month passed on very quickly.

    Within this month, Gu Ruoyun had removed the poison from Ye Lan's system every day. As such, the poison in Ye Lan's body was gradually eliminated with each passing day. Also, ever since that fateful day, Ye Nuo had entered the secret chamber and gone into closed-door cultivation. He has not reappeared since then.
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