Chapter 677: A Missed Opportunity (3)

    Chapter 677: A Missed Opportunity (3)

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    Before Gu Ruoyun left the Dongfang family home, she recalled the spiritual beasts which she had previously left at the Dongfang family home and kept them in the Ancient Divine Pagoda. After that was done, she quickly walked out of the gate.


    Just as she reached the gate, a flash of red robes appeared before her eyes. She raised her gaze and found a pitiful looking pair of eyes looking back at her.

    "Yun'er, you had left me at the Ancient Divine Pagoda for the sake of the Ten-Thousand-Year-Old Ice Crystal."

    The more Qianbei Ye thought of it, the more he felt wronged. She had actually thrown me away!

    And she had left without saying a single word!

    "This..." Gu Ruoyun paused in her steps and replied apologetically, "I was in too much of a hurry. By the way, why did you not tell me about this back in the Banished Lands?"

    Qianbei Ye steadied his expression and said, "Because the Ten-Thousand-Year-Old Ice Crystal was not in the Banished Lands so there was no point for me to bring it up. Even though I don't like the sight of that guy following you around, it pains me to see you so sad even more."

    "Xiao Ye, thank you."

    Gu Ruoyun raised her head and gazed at the man before her with a serious look on her face.

    "Thank you. In this lifetime, as long as you don't abandon me, I'll never give up on you."

    Qianbei Ye looked down at the elegant young lady before lifting the corners of his crimson lips and smiling He would only ever smile so broadly at the person before him.

    "Come, let's search for the Ten-Thousand-Year-Old Ice Crystal for him. As long as you're happy, even if I have to help someone that I don't like, I have no complaints. He must be feeling the same way as I am right now which was why he had told you how to save me."

    Gu Ruoyun did not respond. She merely nodded and followed the silver-haired man. The both of them disappeared into the courtyard doorway.

    Not long after her departure, a delicate and pretty youth paused outside the Dongfang family's gate. His finger gently brushed his chin as he looked at the board above his head and grinned a pure and clear smile.

    "This is the Dongfang family home? I wonder if Big Sister is here. Everyone outside is saying that she's missing, I don't know if that's true."

    The youth then stepped forward. His delicate and pretty features were filled with joy. Every time he thought of the person he was going to meet very soon, his heart would become extremely excited.

    Suddenly, a hand reached out and stopped the youth in his tracks.

    The middle-aged man guarding the door blocked the youth's way with a cold look on his face. He inquired icily, "Who are you, do you have a visitor's invite?"

    "Visitor's invite?" The youth was stunned, "I'm here to see Gu Ruoyun. If she's around, could you please inform her about me? Tell her that Xia Linyu is here to see her."

    "Apologies, Lady Gu has just left the premises."


    Hearing this, the youth's delicate features changed greatly, "Do you know where she's gone?"

    "She was headed towards that direction but I don't know the exact location of her destination."

    "She's left?"

    The youth went into a bit of a daze, "I was one step too late? And I've missed her, just like that? No! This won't do. I must catch up to her."

    Without any hesitation, the youth turned to the direction where Gu Ruoyun had left and chased after her.

    Unfortunately, Gu Ruoyun was also flying at top speed. No matter how hard the youth tried to catch up, he could not find her shadow within the bustling crowds...

    He did not know when he would be able to see her again after this missed opportunity.

    "Big Sister, I've been working hard in my cultivation for the sake of meeting you sooner. Now that I'm finally able to leave that place so don't you worry. From now on, no one will ever have the chance to abuse us, be it those members of the Immortal Realm or... Xia Ming!"
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