Chapter 678: A Missed Opportunity (4)

    Chapter 678: A Missed Opportunity (4)

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    Xia Ming!

    Xia Linyu's heart would tremble every time he thought of that name.

    However, shouldn't I be thanking that man instead? If it had not been for him, I would still be in that frail body, a good-for-nothing youth who always needed Big Sister's protection. It was because of him that I was given a new chance in life.

    The youth clenched his fist; he could still feel that heart-breaking agony!

    However, the most unforgettable memory of all was that slimy man, Lu Chen, dismembering him alive, and the heart-wrenching moment when he saw the deep pain and self-remorse in his sister's eyes.

    She must have blamed herself for sending me to Lu Chen which had brought me to that end!

    "The East Peak Mainland, Xia Ming, Lu Chen, and Xia Chuxue." The youth slowly unclenched his fist and stared into the blue skies with determination in his eyes, "One day, I will storm that place and take revenge for my past life. I will arrive with my sister and clear that debt!"

    Then, he said nothing more and journeyed onwards. His figure was as quick as a bolt of lightning. The people below could only see a flash of light streaking across the skies. It was gone in the blink of an eye...

    The Amethyst Underworld Palace, as a member of the Three Great Authorities, held quite a hefty position on the mainland.

    At this moment, outside the Amethyst Underworld Palace, two persons paused in their steps. Gu Ruoyun gazed upon the ornate palace gate as a light flashed in her eyes.

    "Xiao Ye, go into the Ancient Divine Pagoda."

    Qianbei Ye was stunned. He then nodded, "Alright, if anything happens to you, I'll come out and help."

    Gu Ruoyun smiled.

    It would be better if I took care this alone rather than with Xiao Ye by my side.

    After Qianbei Ye had entered the Ancient Divine Pagoda, Gu Ruoyun walked towards the Amethyst Underworld Palace. As she reached the entrance, the two disciples who were guarding the gates stood in her way.


    "This is the Amethyst Underworld Palace. Idle people may not enter."

    Gu Ruoyun smiled serenely as she said, "Inform Elder Jiu that Gu Ruoyun of the Dongfang family has come for a visit."

    Elder Jiu was an elder of the Amethyst Underworld Palace whom she had met during the Divine Trials. At that time, as payment for a holy spirit fruit, she had agreed to help heal Elder Jiu's injury. However, so many things had happened after that, rendering her unable to fulfill her promise until now.

    The two guards looked at one another and sent someone to summon Elder Jiu.

    Not long after that, an old man quickly flew from the palace, followed by the dumbstruck gate-keepers.

    After all, Elder Jiu has yet to reach the rank of a Martial Honor but was still a powerful cultivator at the pinnacle of a Martial Emperor. However, he had immediately rushed over when he heard the woman's name. Those who were unaware of the situation would assume that the excitement on his face was because the Lord of the Palace has returned!

    Also, he had flown through the air for the sake of meeting this woman as soon as possible!

    "Hahaha! Lady Gu, you've managed to find the time to visit the Amethyst Underworld Palace!"

    Elder Jiu was filled with excitement, the joy on his face was greater than if he had seen his own parents.

    If I remember correctly, she had gone to the Banished Lands a year ago. Now that she's arrived, that means that she's returned from the Banished Lands.

    Elder Jiu's heart immediately shook at that thought.

    What kind of a place was the Banished Lands?

    It is a place that even the Lord of the Palace dare not enter. Not only has she journeyed there, she has managed to return unscathed!
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