Chapter 679: A Missed Opportunity (5)

    Chapter 679: A Missed Opportunity (5)

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    A little over a year ago, he was still able to sense the mild fluctuations from this little girl's body. But now, he could not sense a thing. It was as if all the spiritual power in her body never existed.

    How could this be?

    This was clearly impossible!

    This little girl couldn't possibly have lost all her spiritual power! There's only one other possibility, her powers must have surpassed mine!

    Is she a Martial Honor?

    Elder Jiu did not even dare to think of it.  What does a twenty-year-old Martial Honor mean?

    If this gets out, the entire mainland will dive into a frenzy!

    "Elder Jiu, are you well?" Gu Ruoyun smiled and spoke to him as if he was an old acquaintance.

    Elder Jiu smiled bitterly, "Same as always, my old misfortune still remains, I cannot break through."

    "I'm sorry, I promised that I would help remedy your ailment but I was unable to keep to my word. It's been almost two years since my departure. Now that I'm back, I will fulfill my promise and cure you."

    This was a promise that Gu Ruoyun had made in exchange for the holy spirit fruit back then.

    Now that she has returned, she must fulfill that promise.


    Elder Jiu was excited. His face filled with gratitude as he said, "Then Lady Gu, follow me into the Palace. I will arrange for you to begin my treatment."

    This time, Elder Jiu spoke to her in respectful terms. His face was filled with reverence.

    The two gatekeepers were completely dumbstruck by what they had just witnessed. They still had not regained their senses even after Gu Ruoyun had followed Elder Jiu through the gate. Only when the two had disappeared from view did they finally manage to snap out of their daze.

    "Who was that young lady? Why had Elder Jiu treated her with such exclusivity? Also, she mentioned that she would be able to cure Elder Jiu's illness?"

    "Hehe, how could this be? It's not like we don't know about Elder Jiu's ailment. So many miracle doctors have been unsuccessful in curing him, how could a little young lady possibly accomplish that?" Hearing his partner's words, the other disciple shook his head. If this twenty-year-old girl has that level of medical skills, the other doctors in the mainland can go commit suicide.

    To be beaten by a little girl, that's too embarrassing!

    Of course, Gu Ruoyun paid no notice to what the two disciples were thinking. She simply followed Elder Jiu and entered the Amethyst Underworld Palace gates.

    The Amethyst Underworld Palace was bigger than the average mansion; it was as big as an entire city! Hence, despite walking for a very long time, Gu Ruoyun has yet to reach Elder Jiu's territory.

    After a long time, even Gu Ruoyun had lost track of how far she had walked, Elder Jiu finally stopped. He turned to the woman behind him and smiled apologetically, "Lady Gu, this is where I live. Shortly after this, I will have your guest room arranged next to mine. This will make it easier for us to conduct the treatment."

    "Sure," Gu Ruoyun nodded, "I have nothing against your suggestion."

    I've journeyed to the Amethyst Underworld Place in hopes of finding the Ten Thousand Year Old Ice Crystal and to fulfill my promise at the same time!

    "Then I thank you very much."

    Elder Jiu heaved a sigh of relief. He was afraid that Gu Ruoyun would not be satisfied with his arrangements.

    "Ah right, Lady Gu, when can begin the treatment?"

    Gu Ruoyun paused for thought, then said, "Let's do it today! The sooner it's treated, the sooner we can finish!"

    In the past, if Gu Ruoyun had wanted to cure Elder Jiu's ailment, she would definitely need a bit of time. But now that she has reached the rank of a Martial Honor, one day was enough for her to return Elder Jiu back to health.
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