Chapter 680: The Lord of Amethyst Underworld Palace (1)

    Chapter 680: The Lord of Amethyst Underworld Palace (1)

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    The sun was setting, casting an afterglow across the skies.

    In the quiet Amethyst Underworld Palace, a great frenzy was brewing!

    Previously, the Young Master of the Amethyst Underworld Palace had encountered a bottleneck in his cultivation. As a result, the Lord of the Palace journeyed into the Swamplands to find herbs for his breakthrough. Sadly, he had ended up being poisoned by the elements in the Swamp. In the end, he had managed to collect the herbs he was searching for and had escaped the Swamplands immediately after that.

    Even a Martial Honor might not return from the dangers in the Swamplands!

    Countless cultivators have gone into the Swamplands but aside from the Lord of the Palace, they never reemerged again! Entire armies had been lost to the Swamplands too!

    The Amethyst Underworld Palace was suddenly thrown into chaos. Doctors who have received favors from the Amethyst Underworld Palace rushed over immediately to cure the Lord's ailment!

    However, not even the famous miracle doctors were able to neutralize the poison from the Swamplands!

    Soon, the entire Amethyst Underworld Palace fell into sorrow.

    At this moment, in front of the Lord's bed, a delicate and pretty youth around fifteen years of age leaned over the bedside as he silently sobbed. His eyes were red from crying and his heart was heavy with remorse.

    If it wasn't for me, Father would never have had to go through such danger.

    "Eldest Grandfather, is it true that my father cannot be saved?"

    The delicate and pretty youth raised his head, looking at the elder behind him with bloodshot eyes, "I've heard that the Ghost Doctor is extremely well-versed in medicine. I wonder if we can invite the Ghost Doctor to have a look at him? I don't want my father to die."

    "Young Master, all the famous doctors on the mainland have gathered here. Even they were unable to cure him. It can be assumed that no one else can cure him at all, by the way..." Suddenly the elder seemed to remember something and his eyes shone, "How could I have forgotten the Medicine Order?! We can invite the Medicine Order's Master, that Order Master is very well versed in medicine, perhaps she can cure the Master."

    The delicate-looking youth's eyes shone with a semblance of hope, "Eldest Grandfather, let's call upon the Order Master of the Medicine Order!"

    "Alright, I'll write a letter of invitation to the Order Master."

    At the end of the day, the Ghost Doctor was a freelance doctor. I've never seen her great powers for myself so I can't risk asking her. In contrast, the Order Master of the Medicine Order is far more reliable!

    If even she could not cure the Lord of the Palace, then it would be useless even if the deity Daluo were to appear.


    Due to the situation surrounding the Amethyst Underworld Palace's Lord, the entire Palace had plunged into chaos. However, Gu Ruoyun remained inside her room, treating Elder Jiu's ailment. As such, she was not aware of the calamity of the world outside.

    Throughout this entire day, Elder Jiu could feel his long sealed up channels opening up. He felt a thick spiritual energy piercing through his entire body. This was a feeling he has not felt in a very long time. Now, he could enjoy the sensation once again.

    This, to him, was a huge surprise.


    A loud noise ensued and countless hydro valves seemed to have appeared throughout Elder Jiu's body. Spiritual energy poured out from within him and its powerful force encircled his entire being. He could not resist bursting into laughter.

    "A Martial Honor!! I've finally reached the rank of a Martial Honor!"

    He laughed and laughed, unable to hold back the tears streaming from his eyes.

    Elder Jiu was the ninth elder in Amethyst Underworld Palace and was also the weakest in power. Now, he was finally on par with the rest of the elders!

    Of course, previously, if news of Elder Jiu's breakthrough had gotten out, the entire Amethyst Underworld Palace would dive into a frenzy as well! However, as they were now deep in sorrow over the Lord of the Palace's poisoning, they did not pay much attention to it, even with the knowledge that Elder Jiu was finally able to break through.
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