Chapter 682: The Lord of Amethyst Underworld Palace (3)

    Chapter 682: The Lord of Amethyst Underworld Palace (3)

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    Three days later, a group of fairy-like girls dressed in white descended from the sky onto the Amethyst Underworld Palace's land.

    The leader of the group was a cool, elegant and magnificent woman in white, with light eyebrows and eyes the color of autumn. Her snow-white robes gave off a rather unsettling feeling.

    "Order Master Rong, you've arrived?"

    Seeing the group of woman in white walking towards him, Elder Da slowly stepped forward and smiled calmly, "I've been waiting here for you for a very long time now. Please come with me."

    Even though Rong Xin was the Order Master of the Medicine Order, the Amethyst Underworld Palace was a territory under the Three Great Authorities. As an elder of the Amethyst Underworld Palace, he does not need to treat these people with too much courtesy.

    "Alright. Let me examine the Lord of your honorable palace."

    Rong Xin smiled and was neither servile nor overbearing. Elder Da rather admired her calm demeanor.

    Especially since this Rong Xin isn't very advanced in age. She hasn't even reached the age of thirty yet she has already reached the rank of a high-level Martial Emperor and has led the Medicine Order into an orderly streak. The Medicine Order is certainly lucky to have her. Thanks to her, they have cemented their current power on the mainland.

    "Let's go then."

    The faint haughtiness on Elder Da's face disappeared at the thought of this. His mannerisms were a bit more courteous now.

    Rong Xin gestured in invitation and didn't say anything more, leading the members of the Medicine Order behind Elder Da towards the Lord of the Palace's quarters.

    In the bedroom, the Lord of the Palace's face was completely ashen. He lay on the bed silently and his fingers looked black in color. His entire body seemed to be completely bloodless.

    When he saw Elder Da and the rest walking in, the youth, who was sobbing while leaning over his father's bed, looked at them with shining eyes, "Grandfather Da, have the members of the Medicine Order arrived?"

    "Young Master, this is Order Master Rong of the Medicine Order and the number one doctor on the mainland."

    Elder Da smiled as he stepped forward and introduced the youth, "With her, you won't have to worry about the Lord's problem."

    In Elder Da's heart, only this young Order Master of the Medicine Order could hold the position of the number one doctor in the mainland. Incidentally, upon hearing his words, Order Master Rong retained a faint smile on her face as if she never felt any pride in receiving compliments from others.

    Elder Da secretly heaved a sigh as he thought, It's no wonder Order Master Rong had managed to accomplish so much, she's had this temperament from such a young age.

    "Order Master Rong," The youth hurriedly rose to his feet and spoke with pleading eyes, "Please save my father. As long as you can save him, the Amethyst Underworld Palace will owe you one. Anything you wish shall be yours."

    "Young Master, there's no need for that. Let me have a look at the great Lord's ailment."

    A faint smile hung on Rong Xin's cool and elegant face. She carefully examined the diffusion of the poison in the Lord of the Palace. However, the more she examined, the deeper her frown became. Her autumn colored eyes were filled with helplessness.

    "Order Master Rong, can my father be saved?"

    The youth's heart clenched as he balled his little fists, his eyes slowly filled with anxiety.

    "Sigh," Rong Xin shook her head, "If he had only just contracted the poison, I can definitely save him. But now, there's only one way..."

    "What is it?"

    "We need to find someone as a vessel to transfer all of the poison into their system."

    Rong Xin announced this very calmly, as if sacrificing a person to save the life of another was the most common thing in the world.

    "What?" The youth was stunned. He turned towards the man on the bed and furrowed his delicate brows. After a long pause, he turned towards Rong Xin, "Order Master Rong, can I be the one to help remove Father's poison?"
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