Chapter 683: The Lord of Amethyst Underworld Palace (4)

    Chapter 683: The Lord of Amethyst Underworld Palace (4)

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    "Young Master!!"

    Hearing this, Elder Da's expression changed completely, "How can you do this? You are the Lord's only son. If anything happens to you, the Lord of the Palace will never be able to live through it alone! This definitely cannot be allowed!"

    "If I don't do this, Father will die!"

    The youth's tears began to stream down his face again. He gritted his teeth and pleaded, "Grandfather Da, I want to save father."

    "Young Master."

    Suddenly, Rong Xin spoke again. She smiled, "This is actually a very simple matter and there's no need to you to take care of it personally. You only need someone at the rank of a Martial King for me to transfer the poison to their system instead. Young Master, you hold a noble position. How would you be able to do such a thing?"

    Elder Da nodded, thinking that Rong Xin's words made sense. He felt a growing admiration towards her.

    Only a person who does not bother about trifles can have such great accomplishments!

    As a powerful cultivator, one must have a vicious heart. One has to look out for oneself or heaven and earth will combine to destroy them! People who were too kind cannot survive in this world.

    "What did you say?" The delicate youth was enraged and he spat furiously, "The life of another is a life as well! Why should I sacrifice another person to save my own father? Is there anyone in this world who isn't brought up by their own parents as well? My father was poisoned, logically speaking, as his son, I should be the one to save him. Why should I let someone else's child make the sacrifice? I don't agree to this!"

    "Young Master!"

    Elder Da furrowed his brows, "Order Master Rong is right, we can simply pick another to save the Palace Lord. If you cannot bear to sacrifice a member of the Amethyst Underworld Palace, I can find someone from outside the Palace. There's nothing more important than the Palace Lord and your life. Furthermore, we will reward their family members with benefits or grant them permission to enter the Amethyst Underworld Palace. Someone will be willing sacrifice themselves for sure. You need not worry about this, Young Master."


    The youth began to tremble. Before he could finish his sentence, he was cut off by Elder Da again.

    "Young Master, people involved in making big decisions cannot ask to be kind as you. Otherwise, how could you support the entire Amethyst Underworld Palace?"

    However, just as Elder Da finished his speech, an elderly voice rang from outside the door.

    "That's right, big decision makers cannot be kind at all! However, similarly, big decision makers cannot be vicious as well! Great politicians do not attack unless attacked! Those who sacrifice the lives of the innocent for their own selfish desires are not powerful cultivators. They are demons!"

    "Grandfather Jiu!"

    The youth's eyes shone at the sight of the elder who had just entered the room. His reddened eyes filled with tears, "Grandfather Jiu, I don't want to sacrifice other people in order to save Father. I can be the one to do it."

    "Young Master, do not worry. No one is going to sacrifice the innocent."

    Elder Jiu smiled as he approached the youth, ruffling his hair and feeling a sense of heartache, "No matter what, Grandfather Jiu will stand by you."


    The youth ran towards Elder Jiu's embrace and began sobbing profusely.

    In the Amethyst Underworld Palace, the closest person to him besides his father was Grandfather Jiu. Only Grandfather Jiu has ever understood him! All everyone else knows was to teach him about how humans should never be too kind. However, if you asked him to commit murder, he could never do it!

    Gu Ruoyun stayed silent as she watched the scene before her. Then, her eyes fell upon the woman in white in the room.

    As the rest of the Medicine Order's members were waiting outside the door, there can only be one other person in the room.

    The Order Master of the Medicine Order - Rong Xin!
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