Chapter 684: The Lord of Amethyst Underworld Palace (5)

    Chapter 684: The Lord of Amethyst Underworld Palace (5)

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    Rong Xin frowned, clearly annoyed with the newcomers. She swept her gaze across Gu Ruoyun but when her eyes landed on the seductive woman in red, her cold and elegant features changed immediately.

    "It's you!!!"


    How could this woman be here? Didn't I also destroy her face? This face was no different from the one she had when she was in the Medicine Order!

    Because the Medicine Order disciples who had attended the Divine Trials had all been killed by Qianbei Ye, Rong Xin was still not aware that Wei Yiyi was actually the Ghost Doctor!

    "Order Master Rong, do you know her?"

    "That's right!"

    Rong Xin took a deep breath and spoke with fury, "She was once a disciple of the Medicine Order. In the end, because she killed our Order Master, I imprisoned her but someone had helped her to escape! She's been on the run ever since. I never expected her to show her face here!"


    Elder Da furrowed his brows.

    Based on his position, he would naturally consider internal matters of other organizations beneath his station. Therefore, this was the first time he had actually heard of this matter.

    "So, she's the murderess responsible for the previous Order Master's death. This woman certainly isn't any good if she would even kill her own Order Master."

    Elder Da then turned away, no longer bothering to look at Wei Yiyi.

    A cold light flashed in Rong Xin's eyes and her features darkened as she asked, "Wei Yiyi, what are you doing here?"

    "What am I doing here?"

    Wei Yiyi flashed a charming smile that was filled with an icy chill.

    "Whatever reason you're here for is the same reason I'm here! Our purpose is the same!"


    Rong Xin laughed icily. A murderous intent that she could not hide flashed across her cool and elegant face.

    I hate her!

    How could I not?

    I was clearly more outstanding than her. Why was it that the Master could only ever see her hard work? He had never even looked at me!

    So, I had devised a plan to kill off that damned old man and pushed the blame on his favorite disciple! It's his fault for giving such a valuable item like the Treasury of Medicine to this woman!

    Unfortunately, up till now, she was still unable to obtain the Treasury of Medicine!

    Also, the most unexpected thing was, how had the face which I had clearly destroyed returned to its original state? I had personally added all sorts of condiments and poisons, her looks can't possibly be restored!

    "I've come here to examine the great Lord's ailment. Don't tell me you're here for that as well?"

    Wei Yiyi raised her lips into a smile, "That's right! I've come here to save the Lord of the Amethyst Underworld Palace! I can cure wounds that you cannot, Rong Xin. You've once brought harm upon me. Now, it's about time for me to return the favor!"

    "Wei Yiyi, you're still just as savage." Rong Xin slowly concealed the raging fire within her and smiled calmly, "It's not like I can't cure the Lord, I can bring him back to health instantly. I only need a willing sacrifice. The poison has spread too deep, this is the only way!"

    "Rong Xin, don't forget. We are doctors, not poison masters," Wei Yiyi glanced at Rong Xin and explained, "Killing another for the sake of saving a life, how are you any different from a poison master? If you save a life, you save a life! If you sacrifice another, that is not a sign of your medical expertise! I can save him without having to sacrifice anyone else!"

    "Enough!" Elder Da's face sank. He shot Gu Ruoyun and Wei Yiyi an icy glare, "Young ladies, I think that it's best that you both leave. We're doing well enough with Order Master Rong here. Furthermore, Miss Wei, you and Order Master Rong were once disciples of the same order but your personalities are far too different. In contrast with your arrogance and your tendency to overlook everyone else, Order Master Rong is calm and confident. She is the very model of a powerful cultivator. You would benefit in learning from her. She has shown no signs of anger despite your insults. And you? You've only opened your mouth to deliver delirious utterances! Order Master Rong is the number one doctor amongst all under the heavens, only she can cure our Lord's ailment."
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