Chapter 685: Rong Xins Hatred (1)

    Chapter 685: Rong Xin's Hatred (1)

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    "Number one out of all under the heavens?" Wei Yiyi laughed in ridicule and replied scornfully, "You mean the number idiot? Someone who loves to toy with others in the palm of her hand would be the ideal type of powerful cultivator? Tsk, tsk. As the ideal powerful cultivator, does that mean that she should pay no heed to the lives of others?"

    Rong Xin smiled icily, "In the eyes of the strong, the weak are merely like mole crickets and ants. What difference does it make if they live or die?"

    "Brother Da!"

    As he noticed the increasingly ugly look on Elder Da's face, Elder Jiu frowned and said, "The respected Ghost Doctor is here upon my invitation. Lady Gu is also my savior. She was the one who had healed the wounds on my body, allowing me to break through the rank of a Martial Honor!"

    The Ghost Doctor?

    Elder Da was stunned, This seductive woman is the renown Ghost Doctor of the mainland? From what I know, she's only a rogue doctor and can't be compared with an upstanding organization like the Medicine Order.


    That lady in green had healed Brother Jiu's illness?

    During the past three days, Elder Da had been preoccupied with the Palace Lord's ailment and was not around during Elder Jiu's breakthrough. As such, even though he had sensed someone achieving a breakthrough to become a Martial Honor somewhere outside the palace, he never thought that it would be Elder Jiu whose channels had been sealed.

    Now that he has heard Elder Jiu's declaration, Elder Da hurriedly examined Elder Jiu's powers. When he discovered the true rank of the latter's powers, his eyes filled with shock.

    A Martial Honor!

    That's right! Brother Jiu has had a breakthrough!

    Back then, a high-level Martial Emperor was the furthest Brother Jiu could go. Countless miracle doctors had come to examine his illness and all of them had stated clearly that he will never have another breakthrough again! Even the previous Order Master of the Medicine Order had paid Brother Jiu a visit and said the very same thing.

    However, he has now actually managed to break through to the rank of a Martial Honor?

    Elder Da took a deep breath as his eyes stared unblinkingly at Gu Ruoyun. If this young lady was able to heal Elder Jiu, perhaps...

    "Don't look at me," Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders, "I can't cure him. At the end of the day, the only person with the capability to cure him is the Ghost Doctor, Wei Yiyi."

    Wei Yiyi looked at Gu Ruoyun with gratitude. She knew that Gu Ruoyun had said that to improve her reputation. After all, to the woman before her, curing this Swampland poison would not require much effort. Gu Ruoyun had lowered her own value for her sake.

    The delicate and pretty youth's eyes shone. He hurriedly rushed towards Wei Yiyi as if he had caught a life-saver and pleaded bitterly, "Miss, please save my father. As long as you can save him, I'll agree to whatever you wish."

    Wei Yiyi smiled, "It's only a Swampland poison, I can take care of it."


    Hearing this, Rong Xin laughed scornfully. Her cool and elegant features displayed a sense of ridicule as she said, "Elder Da, if you're really going to trust her then I have nothing more to say! However, let me remind you that the toxins from a Swampland poison are extremely powerful. Furthermore, it has already spread throughout the Palace Lord's entire body. If you continue to drag this on, you won't be able to save him even if you transferred the poison out from his system! Furthermore... Wei Yiyi had committed many wicked deeds. She should be punished yet you want to put your trust in her? Are you not afraid that she would take advantage of the situation and double-cross you?"

    "Junior Sister Rong Xin, you're overthinking things. I have nothing against the Palace Lord so why should I harm him?" Wei Yiyi smiled, "Besides, do you really think that I'll be able to walk out of the Amethyst Underworld Palace after killing the Palace Lord? Have you become even more simple-minded over the years? There are better strategies to frame a person than this."

    Rong Xin's expression changed greatly in that instant. She clenched her fists tightly, digging her long fingernails into her flesh and causing fresh blood to trickle down from the tips of her fingernails.
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