Chapter 686: Rong Xins Hatred (2)

    Chapter 686: Rong Xin's Hatred (2)

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    Rong Xin's heart was burning with a disastrous murderous intent. If this had not been the Amethyst Underworld's territory, she would have long made a move to kill this woman!

    Elder Da fell silent. He was not worried about the possibility of the Ghost Doctor killing the Palace Lord. Just as she had explained, if she truly wished to assassinate the Palace Lord, she would not be able to walk out of Amethyst Underworld Palace after that. Nevertheless, Rong Xin was not completely wrong either. If they miss out on their last chance to remedy the illness, she may not be able to save the Palace Lord even if she had transferred the poison.

    He hardened his heart at that thought and said, "We'll follow Order Master Rong's advice."

    This method was the cruelest but also the safest way! Even though we have to sacrifice another, we'll be able to cure the Place Lord for sure!

    For safety's sake, we'll do it this way!

    Rong Xin smiled and looked rather pleased with herself. She sneered at Wei Yiyi.

    Senior Sister! Be it ten years ago or the present moment, you'll never be able to surpass me!

    You will always be the loser and you can only remain alive under my leniency!

    "No! I believe in the Ghost Doctor."

    The youth's face was filled with resolve as his eyes sparkled brilliantly.

    "I may believe in the Ghost Doctor, but I also believe in Grandfather Jiu even more!"

    "Young Master!!!"

    Elder Da's expression changed completely, "If we miss out on our last chance, we won't have another! Do you really want her to save the Palace Lord?"

    "Yes!" The youth raised his sparkling eyes and his voice was full of determination, "Besides, this is the last chance! I'm not willing to sacrifice anyone to save father so I'd rather put my trust in her! Grandfather Da, let her do the treatment."


    Elder Da rejected the suggestion without a second thought. His elderly face was completely stern as he said, "Young Master, we cannot risk the Palace Lord's life like this."

    "If my father could hear our conversation, he would definitely insist on choosing the same option as me." The youth's eyelashes were extremely long with sparkling, crystal-like tears still hanging on the tips, "Grandfather Da, I'm the Young Master of the Amethyst Underworld Palace, the only son of the Palace Lord. When it comes to my decisions, everyone must obey!"

    At this moment, a domineering air erupted from the Young Master's body. It caused the image in Elder Jiu's eyes to shift as if he was looking at the Palace Lord himself bossing people around.

    It goes without saying that the Young Master now had the aura of the Palace Lord!

    Who says that the kind-hearted cannot make big decisions? As long as he had his own principles and a strong determination, the Young Master could certainly make big decisions.

    "Ghost Doctor," the youth turned around and looked at Wei Yiyi, ignoring the ugly look on Elder Da's face, "No one is going to stop you now. Please save my father."

    Wei Yiyi nodded, and slowly approached the man who was lying on the bed.

    "Wei Yiyi," As she watched the woman's movements, the murderous intent in Rong Xin's eyes deepened, "I hope you can cure the Palace Lord. Otherwise, believe me, the Amethyst Underworld Palace will make you pay! Of course, regardless of how great your medical expertise is, you'll never be able to cure him now!"

    Swampland poisons are dangerous. Of course, once someone had just contracted the poison, they could still be cured easily. The Palace Lord's poisoning, however, had dragged on for such a long time. He was clearly at the end stage.

    Even if the deity Daluo was here, he could not possibly save him either.

    What more the lone Wei Yiyi?

    From the very beginning, Gu Ruoyun had not said a single thing. She gently raised the corners of her lips and a smile flashed across her clear cold gaze.

    It's been almost two years since I've seen Wei Yiyi. I'd like to see the extent of her medical expertise as well!

    "Come here, help me put away his clothes."

    The Ghost Doctor turned to the delicate and pretty youth behind her and instructed.
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