Chapter 687: Rong Xins Hatred (3)

    Chapter 687: Rong Xin's Hatred (3)

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    "Oh, right!"

    The delicate and pretty youth immediately returned to his senses and carefully removed the Palace Lord's clothes. Instantly, the mass of pitch-black coloring on his skin appeared before everyone's eyes, emitting a putrid smell.

    The youth's heart immediately began to ache. His vision grew blurry with tears, "Father, it's all my fault. I've caused you such pain."

    The man on the bed seemed to hear the young boy's anxious voice. His eyebrows and pupils moved but he did not open his eyes. Anguish was written all over his face.

    It goes without saying that this man had a rare sort of beauty, especially the two muscles on his chest. Wei Yiyi felt absolutely tempted to touch his chest but of course, with so many people around, she could not molest the sick but beautiful man.

    "Once you're done, you may leave."

    After the youth had removed the Palace Lord's clothes, Wei Yiyi coughed awkwardly and instructed.


    Hearing this, the young man obediently stepped back to Elder Jiu's side. His bright, tearful eyes observed the man on the bed anxiously.

    Under their watchful eyes, Wei Yiyi pulled out a cloth bag from her sleeve. She opened it and took out a silver needle. She then gently pierced it into the Palace Lord's body. There was a muffled groan before streams of black aura began flowing from the silver needle towards his belly button area.

    One silver needle was not enough. As such, Wei Yiyi used up all the silver needles in her bag. Soon, the Palace Lord's entire body was covered with silver needles and countless black aura stirred around his body. Shortly after, the other small black spots around his body disappeared. In contrast, the black mass around his belly button began to grow.


    Wei Yiyi took out a dagger and without any warning, slashed it across the Palace Lord's stomach. Instantly, a spiral of blackened blood began spurting out from the wound, bringing forth an absolutely rotten odor.

    "What are you doing?"

    Elder Da's face turned pale with shock as he rushed forward to grab Wei Yiyi. He really did not think that she would have had such audacity to kill the Palace Lord in front of everyone.

    "Grandfather Da, stop!"

    The delicate-looking young boy yelled when he realized that Elder Da was charging towards Wei Yiyi. His shout instantly caused the elderly figure to stop. He retorted angrily, "Young Master, did you not see her trying to kill the Palace Lord?"

    "Grandfather Da, let her explain."

    The youth furrowed his brows and replied irritably.

    "Hmph!" Elder Da scoffed coldly as a murderous intent erupted from his entire being. His Martial Honor powers followed the fluctuations and dispersed into the air, "Damned girl, what do you have to say for yourself? You've killed the Palace Lord and we've all seen it with our own eyes!"


    Wei Yiyi's face turned pale under his powerful coercion. However, he had only directed his aura towards the charming woman before him so the rest of them were unaffected.

    Just as Wei Yiyi was about to lose her resistance, a hand reached out from beside her and gripped her shoulders firmly.

    At that moment, Wei Yiyi relaxed and broke into a cold sweat down her back.

    Gu Ruoyun placed one hand on Wei Yiyi's shoulder and then raised her clear and cool eyes towards Elder Da. At the same time, another wave of coercion, just as powerful as Elder Da's, charged towards him and smashed through his aura instantly.

    Elder Da stumbled back and stared in shock at the calm and elegant face. A deep astonishment appeared from the recesses of his heart.

    A Martial Honor!

    This girl was actually a Martial Honor!

    Of course, this duel had been kept exclusively between the two of them. Even the newly minted Martial Honor, Elder Jiu, did not understand why Elder Da had suddenly stumbled back.
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