Chapter 688: Rong Xins Hatred (4)

    Chapter 688: Rong Xin's Hatred (4)

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    "Hehe." Wei Yiyi slowly returned to her senses and chuckled, "If I don't gather the poison in his system into one place, how could I possibly draw it out? Are you asking me to cut through his body a hundred times?"

    This meant that Wei Yiyi had used the silver needles to gather the poison in order to drain it out!

    After all, she was not Gu Ruoyun. With Gu Ruoyun's power, she could have simply drawn the poison out with one silver needle or used a detoxifying pill to get rid of the poison in the Palace Lord's system. She was not powerful enough at the moment so how could she use those methods to detoxify the poison?

    Elder Da was stunned. He swept his gaze from Wei Yiyi to the man on the bed.

    Black blood had trickled down and dyed the entire bed a dark red. The man continued to bleed for quite some time as the black mass in the Palace Lord's belly slowly grew smaller in size. When the blood changed from black to bright red, Wei Yiyi slowly stepped forward and covered his wound with a bit of fine white powder in order to stop the bleeding!

    In contrast to how he had looked like after he was poisoned, the Palace Lord's complexion now was only a little bit pale. The putrid smell from his body slowly disappeared as well and his fingernails returned to a more normal color.


    The youth pelted towards the man's bed. He wrapped his small hand tightly around the man's large palm as he gently called out to him in an emotional voice, "Father, can you hear me? Won't you wake up and look at me?"


    A frail voice sounded from in front of the youth. When he heard that voice, the young boy stiffened. He slowly lowered his gaze and met a pair of gentle eyes...

    "Father, you're awake? You're finally awake?"

    The young boy threw himself forward and accidentally pressed onto the man's wound. He groaned in pain and frowned.

    Nevertheless, he could not bear to push the young boy away from him. Instead, he smiled and said, "Lin'er, I've made you worry."

    "Father, don't put yourself in danger ever again! Also, it was the Ghost Doctor who had saved you."

    Hearing the young boy's words, the Palace Lord turned towards the charming-looking woman in gratitude, "Thank you for saving my life, Ghost Doctor."

    "You don't need to thank me." Wei Yiyi waved her hand, "If you really want to thank someone, thank my little Master. She was the one who had asked me to come."

    As she spoke, she gestured towards Gu Ruoyun. Her seductive face was filled with a big smile.

    "Thank you, Miss."

    The Palace Lord's smile was full of warmth and his eyes spoke of a sincere gratitude.

    As she watched the scene, Rong Xin's fists clenched tighter and tighter as the hatred in her eyes grew thicker and thicker. In the end, she scoffed and, taking advantage of the distraction in the group, turned around to leave. However, once she had turned around, the thick murderous intent in her eyes burst into full force.

    "Wei Yiyi, it seems that you've appeared this time to oppose me. Since that's the case, I won't give you that chance! Furthermore, I will make you regret your reappearance!"

    In the room, Wei Yiyi caught sight of Rong Xin slithering away on her own. A cold smile hung on her lips.

    Rong Xin, since I've shown myself to you, that also means that your life will soon near its end!

    "Palace Lord," Gu Ruoyun smiled and looked at the man before her, "This time, I've come here with a request."

    "Please speak freely, Lady Gu. If it is within my power, I will do everything I can."

    The Palace Lord smiled and his voice held a sense of promise.

    "I heard that Amethyst Underworld Palace possesses a Ten-Thousand-Year-Old Ice Crystal. I was wondering if you could lend it to me?" Gu Ruoyun smiled as she asked.
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