Chapter 691: The Martial Spirit Pill (2)

    Chapter 691: The Martial Spirit Pill (2)

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    Why were pills so rare? Not only was this due to the extinction of pill formulas, it was also because people nowadays have no idea how to refine pills! Even if they were given a pill formula, they would never be able to refine a pill even if they had researched it for forty to fifty years. However, the cauldrons used to refine pills could still be made.

    The Honorable Sir Tianqi placed the herbs in front of Gu Ruoyun like valuable treasures. He chuckled, "So, little girl, your great uncle's chance of becoming the number one elder in the Spirit Sect is in your hands. Ah, right. What kind of pill is this and what are its uses?"

    "It's a Martial Spirit Pill." Gu Ruoyun looked at the Honorable Sir Tianqi and replied, "This pill is used when a disciple first begins his cultivation journey. It can change a person's talents. While it cannot immediately turn a good-for-nothing into a genius, it could stimulate quite a big change. For example, a person would normally need around ten years to go from a Martial Warrior to a Martial King. However, if this person consumed a Martial Spirit Pill before beginning their cultivation, it would take three years off from that time frame."

    Three years may not sound like a particularly long or short amount of time but to a cultivator, one year would already make a tremendous difference!

    As such, upon hearing Gu Ruoyun's explanation, the Honorable Sir Tianqi's breathing quickened. His eyes widened as he stared at the pill formula in Gu Ruoyun's hand.

    A Martial Spirit Pill!

    While this cannot be compared with the pill that Gu Ruoyun had gifted Lan Yuge, to the Spirit Sect, this was an extremely valuable treasure! If the Spirit Sect was to recruit new disciples from the mainland and give this Martial Spirit Pill to them, then those who were already geniuses would become even more powerful!

    And this was the benefit of the Martial Spirit Pill to the Spirit Sect!


    Suddenly, the room's door was violently pushed open and the Honorable Sir Tianqi's face sank immediately. He exclaimed irritably, "Can't you see that I'm with a guest? Who allowed you to come barging in without even knocking first?"

    The person's legs immediately turned to jelly from fright. He fell kneeling on the floor and stammered, "E-Elder, the Sect Master had asked me to summon you."

    "Sect Master?"

    The Honorable Sir Tianqi was shocked. He frowned as he asked, "Why is the Sect Master summoning me at a time like this?"

    "The disciples... Disciples say that they've heard that the Honorable Sir Lingshang's disciple seems to have found a way to refine the pill and has asked the other members of the Spirit Sect to witness this. Therefore, the Sect Master has asked you to gather at the plaza."


    The Honorable Sir Tianqi's expression turned cold and he scoffed, "That guy had actually got to it first! Let's go, little girl. We'll see whether that fellow can truly refine pills or if he's just being pretentious!"

    He straightened his sleeves as he spoke and walked quickly out the door.

    Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders and did not reply. She then followed the Honorable Sir Tianqi out the door...


    The sunset cast a beautiful afterglow across the skies in the color of blood.

    At this moment, the previously quiet Spirit Sect was now gathered with countless people. So many people were walking around the plaza that it looked like a bazaar.

    At the center of the plaza was a pill cauldron. In front of the pill cauldron stood a young man! At this moment, he looked absolutely dazzling and could not help but raise his chin. His face was filled with a complacent smile.

    "It's him?"

    A light flashed in Gu Ruoyun's eyes.

    This man, who had unexpectedly emerged to stop me from killing Shi Yun back in the Divine Trials, had ended up having his powers crippled by Qianbei Ye!

    He had also spared no expense in causing harm to my brother, Gu Shengxiao, in order to claim the precious seat of respect in the Spirit Sect!

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